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Are you hosting Friendsgiving this year?  With things so different and unusual this year I am relishing in the small and precious moments like spending time with those I adore so much.  Being able to FaceTime with friends, family, my parents, and friends far away fuels me so.  I was toying around with hosting my girlfriends in the backyard for a Saturday late afternoon gathering and think that will be our plan. I bought some darling Spode paper plates a while back that would be perfect for snacking and eating with friends. I played around a few weeks ago and set the table to see if I would like it and spoiler alert ... I loved it!

While shopping at Homegoods about a month ago I spotted these amazing brown Spode turkey plates + dinner napkins + cocktail cocktails + guest towels.  I quickly swiped it all into my shopping cart knowing it would be ideal for Thanksgiving and any other small gatherings we decided to have. You could compare it to the old show Supermarket Sweep, I literally took all I could find.  😂 I love Spode and I have never seen the brown turkey pattern so I decided I would take it all. In doing some research I found that Replacements carries both this brown version + also a number of other options.  How perfect are they for the holidays?  

Since the weather has been sooo pretty I set the table on the porch one evening thinking it would be fun to play around with set ups for Friendsgiving and maybe even Thanksgiving day.  It was simple, truly nothing fancy at all, but I loved it so.  I grabbed one of my plaid blankets for the table, a few more for us to keep warm during dinner and then set the table with my paper plates + our favorite flatware + some linen napkins and some Mason jars. I added some greenery for the middle and a bag of pinecones I have had forever. I could not believe how easily it came together. 

Truly, so simple and perfect

I have been collecting and selling a number of Paul Revere bowls and kept these two with liners for myself.  I think a Revere bowl is one of the easiest things to use while entertaining since it can be used for so many things. The liners are a major plus, you just wash them out and then put them away for another time. We love eating these Rosemary nuts from Trader Joes (a major score this time of year) and who doesn't love some chocolate, especially cute ones with plaid wrappers? Yes please!

Eating outside just makes any meal taste better to me.  I love the simplicity of paper plates (amazing ones), easy food (we had takeout) + good drinks.  To make this into Friendsgiving I would recommend setting up a second table for food.  Ask everyone to bring a dish or two, and truly use the time to soak up each other!  This season is about being so thankful and whole heartedly grateful and I know for us the people in my life mean everything. 💗

Since it is hot cocoa season I made some hot cocoa and served it in one of our plaid Thermos containers.  I love these ... they work so well.  If you want to make it adult cocoa you can add a fun spirit ... this one is the best I have found!  I love my hot cocoa extra hot with lots of yummy marshmallows and these ones I found at the market are the cutest.  

The best part about sitting with family and friends is after a meal when you just soak each other up, tell stories, and catch up. Hot cocoa around the table or a fire pit is a perfect idea for just this purpose. 

Don't forget to add some candles to your table for when the sun goes down and you can just sit and chat via candlelight.  Is there anything better?  I love using Creative Candles for all my tables, they do not drip (well unless the wind is blowing!) and last forever.  Plus they come in so many colors and size options.  These are from my summer collection two years ago and I still use them all the time. 

And for drinks ... try this Bourbon Apple Cider punch, its truly delish!

If you choose to host Friendsgiving ... I hope you choose to make it simple yet really special.  The people in my life always make every single thing special and I am sure it is the same for you!  

Happy Friday! 

images by Angie Webb Creative


  1. Beautiful tablescape! What a great resource- Replacements. I will be ordering more of our Portmeiron Sophie Conran dishes.

  2. Paige, where did you find the chocolates wrapped in plaid paper? Source please!
    Happy Holidays! ~ Sarah

  3. Are the plaid wrapped chocolates from TJ's too?

  4. Love this set up. I bought all the Spode turkey papergoods too. It looks so great with the plaid.
    If you ever come to Chicago, add the Brimfield to your list of stores to check out. This is totally their aesthetic!

  5. Adorable as always! Love those snowmen marshmallows and all the plaid. Cheers!

  6. Where did you find the plaid chocolates and marshmallows?



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