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Plaid Season

Can you evenHow did it become November?!  It was a full and fabulous October so I refuse to complain ... but also, this year has flown by, wowza!! Since it is officially November it is officially plaid season for me.  I love plaid ... as in love it, would wear it every single day.  For me plaid is like the fall and winter version of gingham, which is one reason I love it so.  I grew up in the amazing high of Ralph Lauren plaid and it has truly imprinted on me.  It will never get old ... and if it does I may still love it. ❤

So with that ... I have gathered up all the plaid goodies for you currently on the scene ... and I may want it all.  For some reason this year plaid is even more special to me.  I happened upon a plaid mecca a week ago and can't stop dreaming of all the goodness.  I will be wearing it, using it, decorating with it, wearing it, and in case I didn't mention it ... wearing it.  

The stunning plaid picnic goodness from a wonderful Hazen & Co. fall photo shoot a few years ago has inspired my Christmas plan this year and I can not wait to share.  Can I move right into the photo? 

Bring on plaid season ... 


  1. I went to a high school where we had uniforms and they were plaid skirts. To this day, these years later I still love plaid.
    Thanks for the post.

  2. I am crazy over plaid too, and those are fabulous options! Thanks for sharing, and Happy Election Day!



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