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Well, Hello There!

Well, helloooooo!  

It has been so long since I sat down to write a blog post and honestly I was very ready this morning to sit down with my laptop and try to process all that has happened since I wrote my last post.  I had no intention of taking any time off and, yet, the plan I had was most definitely not our reality.  I was zooming along the third week of November doing all the pre-Thanksgiving things and trying to slowly whittle away at my Christmas list really looking forward to celebrating our oldest on his birthday and eating the yummiest Thanksgiving dinner. The week before Thanksgiving at 2 am on Thursday woke up to a very sick and sobbing husband who was clearly anything but ok.  After a few hours of trying to manage it on our own I headed to the ER around 6 to get him some help.  I was pretty sure he either had a liver issue or there was something wrong with his gallbladder.  He was violently ill and very much in an emotional state thinking of having to go back to hospital.  It was awful.


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