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2021 Goals

A brand new year and I have some serious thoughts running around in my head about what I want to accomplish and what I am giving up ... not really resolutions, but rather goals. In 2019 I worked really hard on abolishing expectations in my life and I have done really well managing that for the most part.  Last year I worked on faith and using my inner strength.  This year I have a list of things I want to accomplish both personally, professionally, and for our family.  Honestly, I am thrilled to start a new year with a whole new mindset

I think the biggest thing the last few years have taught me is how strong I really am.  So many things have happened in the last three years, things I was sure would crush my soul and leave me with nothing.  On this side of it all I can say not only did I survive but I am better for every single thing that happened.  I have learned a lot about mental health, mine and others, I have learned to lean completely on Jesus, I have learned that when things end it isn't always bad, and most of all I have learned I am a survivor.  I am tough, strong, level headed, aware of my short comings, aware of my mistakes, know what I want to do differently, and most of all a girl who loves God more than anything. 

I have broken down my goals for the year into a few categories.  I am writing them down to keep myself accountable ... I want to be able to look at this post a year from now and check off the items I accomplished. Honestly ... I am sad I haven't done this before!

Personal ...

Needlepoint 12 pieces, one per month.
Read 12 books, one per month.
Take on some form of exercise, and love it
Take a week to spend with Holly
Do one thing per month that challenges me
Continue to lay my burdens, worries, and fears at the feet of Jesus
Start my day with my devotional, and end it with reading or stitching

Home + Family ...

Take two vacations, safely
Set up tuition to pay in full
Celebrate the end of chemo 11/21
Get vaccines
Install hardwoods for carpet 
Replace deck
Add Dutch door
Start basement den

Professional ...

Continue to grow Shop
Complete 24 interviews, 2 per month on the blog
Attend The Southern C, virtually
Meet + exceed each monthly goal
Develop one product that can be sold with profits to charity
Begin the 4th quarter with a solid plan to remove anxiety

Here's to a great year, taking it one day at a time, and finding joy in each and every single day!

edited to add ...
With every single thing that went on yesterday I am burdened to share this addition to my list.  I do not speak out a lot on the matters of the world, usually choosing to pray for those involved, but this one has broken my heart. I am a conservative Republican who in the last year became very aware of my whiteness and the privilege it offers me and my children.  I had no idea someone else felt different, hence the privilege.  I will always support the president in office who is taxed with leading our great country. What we witnessed yesterday was so very wrong on so many levels and truly threatened the democracy our country is based upon.  It is simply put, just wrong. I will vow to continue to pray for our country and unity and peace.  We need it, we need it as Americans, and we need to take care of each other. We must love our neighbors as ourselves and do all we can to better this situation in the very homes we own, the people we raise, and the people we meet on the streets every single day.  I will never be ok with condemning another based on race, sex, sexual orientation, religion, or any and all other categories I have failed to mention.  It goes against every single thing I believe with my love and devotion to Jesus.  

There are two things I have instilled in my children I would love to share.  We all make choices we wish we didn't, and how we handle it determines who we are.  There are two things we must learn to do well to succeed in life, lose well and apologize even better.  There are no apologies that can fix where we are but it is a great place to begin.  I pray that we will bind together as Americans and put an end to the continued strife and separation.  We all need it so badly. 

I will speak out when I see someone treated unjustly, I will stand up for my fellow American, and I will sacrifice myself for my neighbor every single time. ­čĺŚ


  1. I so appreciate this message. We all need to commit to working together to bridge the divide in our country. No more blaming and self-serving gamesmanship. We need to demand that of ourselves and from our elected leaders.

  2. I just watched a former Trump official who said (paraphrasing) we'll come together as a country and mend our deep divides by reaching out to neighbors and friends whose views are different than our own, not by relying on top-down messaging. I think that makes sense so while I in no way support the Republican party's philosophy or this Administration's abhorrent policies, I share your values that we are called to love on another. I appreciate your message especially during this very difficult time. Happy New Year and may God bless your family with health and happiness.

  3. Good for you for acknowledging your value! I am proud of you, as a woman, you are an amazing example of what strength is!

  4. Thank you for your dialog. I totally agree.

  5. Paige, I appreciate your comments about the current situation in our country. Based on one of your comments in particular, though, may I suggest that you read some articles by an African American gentleman named Shelby Steele? He is an amazing writer and has opened my eyes to some amazing and surprising concepts about race in America. xo

  6. ­čĺčappreciation for your willingness to share your honest heart and thoughts.



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