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Six Things I Got + Loved Vol. 6

This post is always one of your favorites and I am thrilled to continue this series into the new year.  I don't buy a lot of things, but what I do I put a lot of time and thought into and when I share it you can be sure it was a keeper in high rotation.  I have tried to edit my closet and life over the last year to keep only what I wear and force myself to do so.  I have had the same style for so many years so it is easy to know what I love and wear, and hopefully, what looks the best on me.  I tend to gravitate to classic style and, as always, still have the prep in me.  It just is what it is. 

I have found a few things the past few months that I really love and have found that I have purchased them each more than once. When that happens it is time to share with all of you.  Two of them I am new to wearing and loving and the other four are classics in my life.  Two of these photos today are straight from my Iphone, they aren't the best but clearly you can see I wear my stuff as I say I do. 😉

First up, jeans.  When the quarantine ended I found that I had spent most of my time in leggings and was having a hard time transitioning back to pants.  I am sure we all felt this way, but I forced myself to wear jeans for a solid week to get back into the groove.  I found I wanted to wear the same pair again and again and then decided it was time to order more pairs.  I recently lost 10 pounds (thanks Covid) and yesterday ordered two more pairs of the same jean.  They are that comfy and easy to wear.  I love this pair ... and also this pair from the same place.  I like that they are both high waisted and the button front on the first pair looks great with sweaters.  The second pair is a button + zipper combo but equally as comfortable.  And for less than $40 each, you can easily stock up.

Second, Dudley Stephens
.  I purchased a Dudley turtleneck more than a year ago and loved it from the very second I took it out of the package.  The instant I put it on I wanted to wear it every single day.  The problem was I had ordered a tunic and it doesn't work for everyday so I knew I would need another. This year I ordered a Park Slope and the addiction became real, real fast.  I know have four of them and swear by this top for all things.  It looks adorable with jeans, leggings, and is great to pair with a pair of pajama pants for lounging.  It is cozy and soft and comes in amazing colors.  I own the pale pink, black, navy, and camel.  I wear them so much it is actually crazy, but they are truly that good.  Yesterday I snagged two striped ones that were released so I will have some more to work into my outfits.  I got the navy stripe in the park slope + the blush stripe in the boat neck and I can't wait for them to arrive. You will love them, I truly can not recommend them enough.  I size up for extra comfort!  

Next, the comfiest shoes, maybe ever! I have loved a classic ballet flat for as long as I can recall.  I think they are perfect for any outfit and definitely give your look a classic and pulled together look.  About two months ago one of the bloggers I follow shared, for the umpteenth time, her favorite shoe.  As I was needing a new pair of navy flats I decided to give them a try.  They were so easy to order online and came in a number of sizes, colors, and widths.  I snagged a navy pair and also a burnt orange suede pair (limited edition) since she had a code.  My Margaux shoes arrived a few days later and I can tell you from the second I put them on they were comfortable.  That almost never happens, so when it does you instantly take notice. They are hands down the most comfortable ballet flat I have ever worn.  They recently released an option to add a custom monogram and I instantly added them to my birthday wish list. I have only worn the Demi but I hear they are all amazing and fit so well. They guarantee the fit so if you need a different size you just quickly swap them out for another.  If you have never worn Margaux you can take my word for it, they are truly the best!

My favorite bracelet.
  As many of you know I wear a ton of Hazen & Co. bracelets.  I have a number of them and I add them in various patterns in a stack when I wear jewelry.  Can we all just commit to wearing all the cute things ever single day despite where we go??  I have shared my love for Hazen many times and every single time I do I tell you that my favorite bracelet is the Margaret.  It is classic and so pretty and looks good paired with everything.  Recently they have released it in a number of sizes, I love the large one, and now also in silver.  It is just so pretty ... I recently got a new one to wear and I am loving it.  Simple perfection for sure!

Wicked good slippers. About two weeks into November my slippers gave out.  I was literally wearing them to check the mail and the bottom completely gave out and separated from the rest of the shoe.  I keep slippers next to the front door for letting out the pups and for wearing around the house.  I do not wear socks of any kind but I am completely addicted to wearing slippers.  I texted my dad with the sad face emoji and asked him if Santa could bring me a new pair for Christmas.  As an LL Bean addict he swears by his slippers and so I decided to give them a try. I opted for this pair which came a few days before Christmas.  They have been on my feet since and only get traded for shoes when I am forced to leave the house.  They are that comfortable!!!!

Pearl studs!  I love wearing a simple pearl stud and have a number of them in various sizes.  Recently while grabbing a sweater at Banana Republic I spotted this pair of pearls and added them to my purchase.  I have had them on night and day, 24/7 since. They are the perfect size and I love the shape, as it feels more like a freshwater pearl, which it is.  They are easy to wear and the backs ensure they stay on, which I have had problems with while using the phone in the past.  They are currently on sale for $28 so I would suggest snagging a back up pair, just because.  They are great for all ages and look adorable on my teenager.  Pearls are always the best idea!

I hope your Wednesday is a great one!!  This week is already half over ... say what?


  1. Paige, so glad to start seeing blog posts from you again. Happy New Year!!!

  2. Gorgeous classics for any wardrobe! I am in the market for new jeans-- What a deal on both of the pairs you purchased. Thanks for sharing your favorites.



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