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Bagel Board Goodness

There are a lot of board inspirations on the internet, and most definitely Instagram, and you can literally make anything from a hot cocoa board (yes please) to a burger board and every single thing in between.  Think of it as great merchandising for your meal or snack.  A year or so ago I spotted a bagel board on Instagram and was immediately drooling.  I love a great bagel on Saturday morning complete with lox, sliced tomato, sliced onion, and finished with salt + pepper.  Since I am mostly gluten free I try to limit my bagel consumption to once a week knowing it will most definitely spark a headache.  That bagel board stuck with me and I kept trying to think of a time I could make it work.  I found myself thinking a lot about ... well, would a bagel board be fun for sleepovers?  Would it be good for Christmas morning?  Honestly the conversation in my head became ridiculous.  Until ... last week. 

I have three besties that have daughters that I am very, very close to.  We do life together, raise girls together, and quarantined together.  So when one of them had a birthday on Saturday and we decided to have brunch at another's house I immediately spoke up and inserted my bagel board. The birthday girl was all worried we working too hard and all I could see was the opportunity to finally make this vision come to life.  I was giddy

It turns out creating this board is so simple and required two stops, one to the market and one to the local bagel shop.  I had both delivered yesterday morning while working in front of the fire.  The bagel shop brought me a baker's dozen + two 1/2 lbs of cream cheese (plain + veggie) and the market brought the rest.  Here is what I ordered for mine ... two tomatoes, one sweet onion, one english cucumber, lox, a bag of boiled eggs, fresh dill, and a package of chopped purple onion.  I sliced the bagels in half upon arrival and immediately put it all together.  It was de-licious

Obviously I chose the savory bagel route.  My friend was making a french toast casserole which was sweet so I wanted to balance the menu.  A sweet bagel board would be equally as yummy with jams, jellies and fresh fruit.  You could even add in peanut butter and sliced bananas and, of course, Nutella.  I see this in my plan for a sleep over of moms and girls. 

So using the inspiration photo from above (first image) I laid out my sliced bagels and cream cheese selections (scooped into bowls) and then just played with the rest.  I salt and peppered all the veggies and eggs so that they would not need to be done when eating.  I used the fresh dill to fill in spaces and then we added it to the top of our bagels.  If you have not done that you must, it was so very yummy.  I can not believe how easy this was to do and was so easy to make the best bagel I may have ever eaten.  We chatted for so long that I created another 1/2 before heading out three hours later.  

Have I mentioned it was so good? I am truly so proud of myself. 

I love intimate settings and our little table for four was perfect. We ate, caught up, chatted, sipped champs, chatted some more and before you knew it we had soaked up our friendship for three solid hours.  I could have stayed all day, these girls are the world to me. 

Give the board a try and tell me what you think ... I can't wait for your comments!


  1. Beautiful -- but sorry, those aren't "REAL" bagels. You can't compare them to the ones you get in New York <3

  2. I can't wait to make one for my friends! What a beautiful, simple, tray treat.



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