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Consigning With The Real Real

Does anyone else tackle their closet this time of year to start fresh with a clean and organized space?  My closet is one of the spaces in our house that can either bring me joy or truly stress me out quite a bit depending on the organization and tidiness of the space. My closet is a good size but most definitely not large and is organized the best it can be with the size it is and the sheer amount of the items inside.  Sometimes I feel like I own the Carrie Bradshaw closet with all the things stuffed inside which was clearly bigger and deeper than it seemed.  The main difference being, obviously, the clothes inside being very, very different

Last year I was very careful about what I purchased, and honestly more careful than I ever have been before.  Typically I buy what I like and try to be good, but last year I was really, really good and only added things to my wardrobe that were really, really me and classic.  I am pretty good about knowing what I wear the most and what looks the best on me.  What I did last year that I have not done in the past is add to my closet a number of more expensive, traditional pieces.  I purchased a number of Stubbs & Wootton loafers, a pair of Gucci loafers, a new Louis Vuitton speedy, and a few really good classic cashmere sweaters. While some of these purchases were new a number of them I purchased from The Real Real.  

I have shared with you many times that I really love working with The Real Real.  I love selling to them and I love purchasing from them because I know both transactions will be smooth, without issue, and when I purchase from them it is always a good, classic, real piece I am adding to my closet. In the past I had only purchased from TRR but this last year, and now currently, I have now consigned pieces with them.  It is so easy to do and a great resource for selling your higher end pieces and finding amazing items at great prices. 

What we buy and how we choose to part with our items is always unique to us.  Some choose to buy trendy pieces at lower prices and than at the end of the year (or season) they swap those items out for another season of great looking pieces. Some choose to purchase only classic, traditional items that you will keep for years and years.  I tend to be eighty percent classic and twenty percent trendy but still leaning toward classic prep. I think my numbers were way more sixty/forty a few years ago and now I am just leaning more and more toward classic.  I feel most like me in a classic outfit with something fun mixed in to add some fun and flair. No matter who you are in your buying and selling needs TRR is a great resource for you.  I am telling you, I love selling my items on this super easy to use site.  It is so easy that I can easily find myself shopping when I need to be doing something else.  It is what it is. 😉

When shopping you can save your preferences and sizes so when you use the Saved Searches pull down it will only show you what you want to see. Also based on your searches the Picked For You pull down will recommend items for you to check out.  This is the section I get lost in ... the site is great on making suggestions. 

So since it is a new year and you are most definitely looking at that packed closet like I am ... how about giving The Real Real a try to sell your items.  I have found it so easy to use and a great resource for unloading my items.  I love consigning the pieces I am getting rid of, it makes sure my loved pieces get a great new home and puts some money back into my budget for hunting a new piece, or two. On my radar to add to my closet this year is a great pair of Gucci sneakers + a pair of gently used Chanel flats in a great tweed + a great right hand ring.  Fingers crossed for all!

Have the best weekend!!! 

Photos by Angie Webb Photo

1 comment:

  1. Paige. JUST finished purging my closet. I’m actually obsessed with keeping a tight closet. My style is very similar to yours. I go through mine about every three months. I have granddaughters who beg for my hand me downs. I’ve thought about trading a Louis here or there but have lovingly packed them away to give the girls when they turn 18. It does not help that you turned me on to Tuckernuck this year! My new clothing obsession for the year. The oldest girl grand is 14. She claims she’s the best dressed girl at school.



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