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Cottage Journal ... Editor's Favorite

I am super excited to share that our home has once again been featured in The Cottage Journal. In the current issue, entitled Southern Cottage, our home is part of the editor's round up of favorites of the year. I truly can not believe we were chosen, the honor is the best way to start off the year. The feature is identical to the one from the summer but if you missed it the first time this is your chance to see it again.  I truly can not believe it was printed twice, it is such an exciting way to start the year. If you do not see the magazine at your local market you can purchase it here online

Our dining room and my office are a little different now than it was when it was shot for these images, but it will be fun to have the before shots when I share the reveals coming in the spring.  I am patiently waiting for my adorable photographer to come back from maternity leave, and it will give me some time to add some details I am really wanting to include but need to budget out the expense.  I have two wired scones to pick up from the lamp shop and having the electrician come out always takes a week or so, but he is also worth waiting for, as he is the best.  

In the office I have swapped out the chairs in front of my desk, which needs to be painted, and I am not sure they are the right ones for the job. And then lastly I want to have a stool recovered and make some shades for the lamps on my desk.  Just final details that I have waited on for two long. 

Thank you for supporting my blog, and me, all these years.  Without the blog I would never have the opportunity to grow the way I have, go to The Southern C, meet editors and people who made all of this happen.  It means the world to me and has given me such a creative and inspirational outlet for the past 13 years.  I can not believe I started out as a simple mommy blog and now get to share what inspires me daily with each of you. Thank you doesn't really seem like enough. 

 I hope your Monday is a great, great one.  We all deserve a great day

all images by Angie Webb Photography


  1. Congratulations to you! You work hard, and you certainly deserve it. Thank you for all of your inspiration, Paige.

  2. Just adore the way you embrace bright paint colors in your home. I was bold when we first moved into our house but have leaned toward more muted colors as the years have passed. You're insipring me to go back to my true love for color!

  3. Congratulations! Love your style and use of color. Where did you get the container holding the corks? Love it!



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