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New Morning Mercies

Last year about this time, maybe a month or so later, I purchased the best book I have purchased in a long time, New Morning Mercies by Paul David Tripp.  Every single time I share it in my stories I get a ton of questions about the book title.  It comes from what I have shared, which would be a tid bit of what he has written.  It will catch your attention and then you need to know what book it is I am quoting from.  It is truly the one book we could all add to our daily routine. It is a fantastic devotional that will speak to you, convict you in love, and give you something very clear to think about all day long.  I could not love it more. 

Things in our world are so hard.  The news is so heavy, the strifes are so big, the division is so very wide, and what we need more than anything is something to help up center.  For me, that is God. 

Yesterday's message was such a good one for me to start the week.  I will share a bit of it for you in case you needed to hear the same thing I did. 

"Looking to others for your inner sense of well-being is pointless. First, you will never be good enough, consistently enough, to get the regular praise of others that you are seeking.  You're going to mess up.  You're bound to disappoint. You will have a bad day. You'll lose your way. At some point, you'll say or do things that you shouldn't. Add to this the fact that the people around you aren't typically interested in taking on the burden of being your personal messiah. They don't want to live with the responsibility oh having your identity in their hands. Looking to people for your inner self-worth never works."

It goes on to define it more, but spoiler alert, any time we are looking horizontally for something we can only get vertically we will be disappointed.  For me there is much freedom in that statement since I do not have to be enough, nor does anyone else.  Our enough is God. 

I thought this was the perfect time to share this book with you as I know we are all struggling more than we would at any time.  We worry about our health and those around us. We worry about our country and the division. We worry about jobs and income and those of the ones we love. It is so much and even one of these things would be plenty.  I know I find enormous peace in reading and this book has been a life line for me, and may be for you as well.  

Give it a try

Happy Tuesday!

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1 comment:

  1. I use this book daily, too. I am a huge fan! Paul David makes us really think deeply about the readings, yet, at the same time, reminds us all of our God-given grace and forgiveness.



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