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Great Movie Recommendations

Since all of us are now "going to the movies" at home for the foreseeable future, I decided to share some amazing movies that we have watched over the last year.  We have watched a lot of tv, but who hasn't, but there are truly some great movies that made an impression on me. I came across this article from Town & Country yesterday which got me to thinking, and adding new ones to my list, what would I recommend? So ... here you go, my top picks from all of our watching.

I have to preface this by saying I really do like all kinds of movies.  I am not super picky about what we watch, and am usually up for trying something new.  However ... I do not like a ton of science fiction so I am not the best in this genre.  You can catch me watching anything from Pride & Prejudice to Lethal Weapon and most things in between.  I typically choose something romantic and mystery related if I the one who gets to choose.  😉

First up, Emma.  This was my last movie theatre watch before quarantine hit.  I have since watched it a number of times and it now sits up under Pride & Prejudice as a true fave. The homes are to die for and the clothes, so very good. 

This movie was sooo good.  I came upon it in recommendations and I was immediately sucked in.  I have not read the book, but I should.  The details of the story is truly so precious and heartwarming. I would watch this again and again, I give The Guernsey Literary Society & Potato Peel Society five stars.

This one was good.  I love a great thriller and the relationship between the father and daughter hit me hard.  I cried at the end, not because it ended poorly, it was actually really sweet. Three Days To Kill was a good watch, five stars for sure. 

I found this movie fascinating.  My father is retired from The New York Times and I thought this story was so interesting about the workings of a newspaper and trying to make it successful.  Meryl Streep is just so good in all things, so The Post was a five star watch for me. 

This movie is so hard to watch and so powerful.  It is sad, but is so worth the watch.  Add Just Mercy to your watch list, it gets 4 stars. 

Safety is a must see family movie.  It is such a great, feel good, life is great choice.  Five stars for sure. 

This.  I had never watched it and we watched it as a family.  Hamilton gets all the stars from us. 

This!!!! I love anything retail and store related and Bergdorf's is truly the best of the best for me.  If you have been to New York City you have shopped and eaten lunch here, and I do would want my ashes spread here. 😉 Scatter My Ashes is something you must watch and then I promise it will be on your watch list time and time again. 

Let me know if you watch these and what you think ... I see a movie night in my future this Friday evening.  All the popcorn and one of the movies from the T & C article. 

Happy Tuesday ... 


  1. must read the "...Potato Peel..." book - its rather different from the movie and so much better. You will really enjoy it! And the "Bergdorf" book as well - I read it and loved it! Enjoy!

  2. Awesome list. We have seen Just Mercy, and it gets five stars for sure. Have you seen Bridgerton? It was wonderful too. Thanks, Paige.



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