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Winter ... At Our Door

Last week when I drove into the driveway I was sad thinking that when my holiday decor came down my front door would look so different, and honestly sad.  Winter is not one of my favorite seasons due to the fact that there is nothing green or living showing. I do love fire season and snuggling up in the house but greeting a front door without a cute wreath and something living just sounded not fun at all. So ... I decided to change that up and make it fabulous, and I am super excited about the result. 

While I was cleaning my basement last weekend I discovered I had two flocked white wreaths that I was storing ... and decided that using one of them on the front door was a great idea.  To me the flocked wreath makes it look like fresh fallen snow and I do love snow.  I immediately decided to pair it with some pink satin ribbon and then the whole front door look came together really well.  With a trip to my Home Depot and with some supplies I already owned I pulled it together pretty easily.  I found that when I took down Christmas outside yesterday I was excited to put up a winter front door.  It made taking down all of my items, which I loved this year, so much easier. 

With the addition of the blue and white planters for Christmas I already had some good blue, white, and green with the topiary.  Even though they are faux I planted them with lots of potting soil knowing I would be adding flowers in after the holidays.  I grabbed some violas while at the HD and then added some moss to keep them hydrated and to cover up the black soil.  For me color is so important this time of year to feel life and not just grey and white. 

For quite a while I have loved and craved the idea of vines growing on the front of our steps as they are often found in Charleston, South Carolina.  I think they are so amazing and give the steps such life.  When I posed the idea to my husband he immediately talked my ear off about how the vines are back for the mortar of the brick and how long it would take to achieve the look I was going for.  Why oh why do others have to speak to us with truth when we have such a great idea??  😂 I did some research and decided to try my hand at creating the look for less with a faux boxwood.  I was hoping and praying it would look good and would hold on.  After talking to my dad about it ... who also was a little suspicious ... he suggested I talk to the people at HD.  I did and came home with a product that they insist will work.  I will also share the gentleman at HD gave me the same face I am sure my dad did, but he was super helpful

So, with my brick tape + my faux boxwood I set out to create my dream steps, or get as close to them as I feel is possible with the "safe + quick solution". If we could only wave a wand and create the gardens and homes of our dreams ... anyone feel that way when you know your dream ideas would take time and patience? It was too cold to make it work, but I am not giving up.  I will keep trying to figure it all out, where there is a dream, there is a way. 

In the mean time I added a little more color with a fun blue doormat I ordered this week.  With all of the grey in the yard and the lack of color on the trees this set up is making me very, very happy. 

Happy Wednesday!

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