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Capitol Vintage Charm School

Happy Monday ... the sun is shining here, the music is loud, and I am ready to tackle this week.  Last week was so very good for me, I came home so very tired but also so full of creative ideas, conversations with really good fellow creatives, and a list of action items.  Since I was basically taking my Southern C Summit virtual ticket on the road it was so good to multitask and listen to great speakers while shopping and meeting with fellow alums.  I think it may be my favorite week in a very, very long time. 

This morning I have such a fun project to share with you and a great business to pass along.  Stacy Harvie, the owner of Capitol Vintage Charm, invited me to chat with her about my love for blue and white, most specifically Blue Willow. What I love most about interviews is the research that goes into the prep work.  I know a lot about blue and white china, but I still learned so very much from my prep.  Her questions challenged me and led me to reading really great articles and the knowledge I learned about Blue Canton was all from the preparation for the interview.  I love that part so very much. 

Stacy is amazing, well spoken, and really asks the very best questions.  Her rapid fire at the end really made me think and I love questions like that.  You know, the coffee or tea ... red or white ... so fun.  Stacy also has an amazing website and an Etsy site to sell her own vintage finds.  I immediately bought a few things this morning while checking it out.  Her items are fantastic

You can listen to the full interview here ... I am truly so pleased with it. 

Thank you Stacy for asking me to chat, I loved learning more about you ... and our chat was so very good. 💗

Have the very best week!

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  1. Paige, I truly enjoyed your interview. I collect Blue Willow too, and that was so informative. I missed your story on your mother-in-law's silver. I am going to look that up now. Thanks so much.



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