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Cards + Cocktails

Remember before Covid when we could have our besties over and have them hang all afternoon?  Yeah, me too ... and I miss it so much. A few years ago I invited two besties over one evening and we had darling pink drinks and yummy snacks and played Lilly Pulitzer monopoly.  Before you knew it we were so busy chatting we forgot all about that darling game.  We had so much fun. Last year I set up an evening of cards + cocktails for besties and once again, so much fun. Since this isn't happening this year I thought I would re share the images of the set up before they arrived ... because I love it so very much.  In fact, as I look back on it I would not change one single thing.  All the pink, all the yummy snacks and that yummy pink drink, it was so perfect

I paired one of my favorite vintage tablecloths with some simple pink glasses from Ikea, a few cute platters I had on hand, and every single pink and red sweet snack I could find.  I have found that both Fresh Market + Trader Joes carry the best seasonal yummies.  And, of course, I added in some conversation hearts, because can you experience Valentines Day without them?  

I say no. 

I made a simple cocktail, recipe here, and it was light and yummy.  Since we were playing cards we didn't need to focus too much, but it was light and not heavy with spirits for all of us to hang for quite a while.  I can not tell you what an evening with besties does for my heart.  I have the best set of girls that challenge me, help me, lift me up, and make me laugh so very hard. 

My cards are an old purchase from Emily McCarthy's Shoppe and such a fun little happy.  They are monogrammed with my couture monogram, and I think they are just darling.  The pink + that monogram is such a great combination. You can order them in any color with your choice of monogram style. What a fun gift!

I think one of my favorite pairings when getting dressed is anything Elizabeth Wilson Designs paired with Hazen & Co.  This stack is made up of a number of cute bracelets, I love to play with them with each outfit.  They are always a great choice and look great with anything at all. I love all my EWD pieces and just snagged this cute top, I love the new v-neck option!  

I know things are still so different and if you are like me you are just so over it.  I hope this set up inspires you to make a fun cheese + meat + sweets board for a family evening in.  I promise you I will doing it this year and I know my people can not resist a good combination of meat, cheese, and chocolates and yours won't be able to as well. 

Just in case you missed it ~ I posted a great gift guide for both Her and Him last week with some great happies to gift.  

Let's fill our homes and hearts with extra love this year ... 💗

Images by Angie Webb Photo

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