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Happy February!

Good Morning
... cue all the hearts and heart eye emojis and all the love texts and letters, this is my very favorite month of the entire year.  I think one of the reasons its my favorite is that its the first real month after we have christened a new year.  The very long January is behind us, and now we can just be ... and be happy in a month filled with love and joy. When I was little my grandmother gave me a charm bracelet one year for Valentines Day that was nothing but hearts.  It is all sizes and patterns and I truly love it so.  I still have it, and wear it, and every single time I see it I think of feeling loved ... and spreading that love

I have such a fun treat for you for the next two weeks ... every single day from today until Valentines Day I am hosting someone, mostly small businesses owned by women, and having a daily giveaway. They will appear on my Instagram early in the day, either in the feed or in the stories, and will run the day.  That evening I will choose a winner and the next day we will begin again. My goal is to spread some serious fun, love, and joy in the first two weeks.  After my family recovering from Covid I am feeling so thankful, even more than ever, and I think that this is going to be such a fun way to share that joy and love with all of you.  

So, first of all, are you following me on Instagram? If not, let's do that now! Second, check it out every day around 8 ish, for that days fun giveaway and the introduction of a new business you may know nothing about.  Think of it as me introducing you to 14 great people.  If you know them maybe you need to know more, and I am happy to share.  I have such fun things to share with you ... from needlepoint to snacks to home decor.  

I truly can not wait ... 

Oh, and remember me sharing all the cute pink clothes from a week or so ago ... I will be sporting my pink all the days of February ... and loving every second of it! If you happened to miss the announcement last night ... I am off on a road trip today to take my Southern C Summit virtual ticket on the road.  I will be visiting cities, and alums, and creating opportunities to work together with some great people along the way.  I am also shopping for Shop Pink Clutch and will be having evening sales ... you can read all about that on the shop.  It is going to be an amazing week filled with people, adventure, and lots of great estate scores!

Happy February, let it be filled with joy! 💗



  2. I love that mug. I hope you will share your Valentine bracelet. Have a safe and fun trip.



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