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Cocktail Hour ...

It has been so long since I gave you a fun little cocktail hour inspired post ... and this one is going to be so fun.  Maybe it was the long week, maybe it was the couple of days of rain, but I am truly ready for a great sit by the fire, have a cocktail evening. The Hubs has been treating us to morning fires on the weekend and a fire almost every single evening and it has been heavenly. It is so cozy, so warm, and perfect for spending some quality time at the end of the day together. 💗 

So ... let's chat happy hour.  Here are some great posts I wrote you can read and catch up on and maybe add some tips and tricks to your own.  I love a good cocktail, a great snack, and some amazing conversation.  If the kids are home we play cards.  If you want teenagers to chat ... give them a game to play with you, you will have them talking non stop before you know it! 

First up ... accessories, this is a great blog post I wrote and still think is so relevant.  

Next up, a great cocktail.  Try this one, you can add in any spirit you like. 

Or try this one if you have someone coming over ... it is delicious. 

And since it is almost February ... you must check these out.  I tried a few last year and loved them all!

And lastly ... snacks. Sometimes if I am super tired from the week we eat on a great cheese board and call it a day. Other times we order in pizza ... and then sometimes Lawyer is feeling all about the evening and he cooks, he does most of our cooking and loves it so very much. When we do boards I love adding in something new.  Maybe a great chip and dip, or maybe I found a fun cheese at the store for us to try.  A few times we have added popcorn and it is so very good. This recipe is one of my favorites that you must try, you will love it so much. 

Do you have any tips and tricks for cocktail hour that you love ... send them over, I am all about trying something new!

Happy Friday ...

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