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Master Bedroom Dreaming ...

We love our master bedroom!  I love the dark walls and how dreamy it feels ... even though it is dark. When I did this room a number of years ago I paired the chocolate walls with greens and turquoise to tie into the bathroom wallpaper.  Even though its been five years since we redid the room I really love the colors and the choices we made.  Although it is time to upgrade just a few items, it is still current and still sparks so much joy for both of us. 

When I purchased the bamboo headboards I placed our king size bed on risers to make it taller.  While that seemed like a great idea at the time I have now come to realize it is an accident waiting to happen.  A few times when we are all on the bed watching tv I have felt it sway and I think it is just a matter of time before it gives way. Maybe I am overthinking it, but it is definitely a worry.  The hubs suggested just removing the rises but there is something about a short bed that isn't me.  I love climbing into our bed and not sitting down to get in. 

We decided to compromise and trade our bamboo headboards for a full bed, and I found one I LOVE. A few weeks ago while shopping I spotted a darling French bed in an antique store and loved it.  It was the wrong size but the details made me swoon, and I have that image in my head still. I got online this weekend and did some research and found one almost identical from Frontgate.  With the exception of the color and the middle of the headboard it is the very same bed.  After showing it to the hubs, who also loved it, I knew it was meant for us. 

So ... with a new bed what will change?

Honestly, not much.  There is so much about our room we love.  Since the headboard will be shorter I will redo the collection that hangs over our bed.  I have more silhouettes so I will add to it, and I have antique artwork to replace the mirrors over our bedside tables. Since at least one pup sleeps on the bed each night we have washed our coverlet many times which means it has faded, a lot. I have a new duvet that matches the curtains in color so I will just add in more greens and it will all work perfectly.  We won't need a bed skirt since the bed is stunning, so it will go in storage.  

So in addition to the bedding I am ready to pull up the carpet and replace it with wood floors.  This is a big project but my thought is we are about to do the same in the den so why not do it all at the same time.  One big headache for an immediate and amazing return.  With wood floors I will need a rug, not hard to find, and then most of the rest will stay the same.  The chairs at the end of our bed, they stay ... the desk on the window wall, its stays but becomes more of a vanity area (can you imagine it with this darling chair?) ... the lamps are traded out ... and then just more pattern comes in.  All in all, the same space, but a bid of an fun upgrade!

Here is the palate I am working with, as you can see the curtains are staying ... but I will add some details to them to make them fit in nicely. I love playing with fabrics and patterns and I am having a major small pattern moment, so the small patterns are really going to shine here.  Honestly, I can't wait.  I have had a few of these pieces for a while and seeing them all come together makes me oh so excited. 

Spring refresh, yes please!

Happy Wednesday!!


  1. Sounds exciting Paige...I love all your choices! I adore the pair of greek key sconces you have above your bed and have been looking for some identical for a long time without any success.

  2. I replaced my bedroom carpet with wood floors. You will love it!



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