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Six Things I Bought + Loved Vol. 7

Hey, hey
... anyone loving this week, or is it just me?  The sun has been shining and it is giving me good energy and all the feels about spring which hopefully will be here so very soon.  I am ready for colors, flowers blooming, and all the benefits of spring weather and I am sure I am not the only one.  I am so thankful the weather across the country seems like it is back to its normal state, and I pray those affected are doing so much better.  I have talked about weather a lot lately, am I becoming my grandmother?? 

I have another great roundup of things I bought and loved for you today, some repeat items, which means you need them, and some new entries.  I also have more than six ... but that is ok, more goodies to share with you. 

Dudley Stephens fleece ... this is a broken record for me, but that is because they are THAT GOOD.  I went from owning just one last year to now having seven of them and truly if no one would say a word I would wear one every single day of the week on repeat.  They are cozy, soft, and perfectly warm and the colors are really so useful.  I have black, navy, light pink, camel, light blue, grey and a navy tunic.  I think I prefer the park slope the most as I find it is easy to wear and works with everything I own.  I can not say enough about these tops, you really need to try them. Also ... I wear them so much while shopping estate sales as the weather is chilly and there is always a line outside.  I pair them with my favorite jeans and a cute pair of sneakers. I am super comfortable and warm and that is a great combination when shopping for deals.

I have shared my love for Margaux ballet flats before but I am here to chat with you about them again.  I have two pairs and love them both. For so long I heard people rave about them and how comfortable they were from the first time you put them on and they do not lie one single bit.  You take them out of the box and can wear them all day without your feet hurting one single bit.  I originally bought a navy pair and then decided I wanted to trade out my navy pair for a blush pink pair so I could wait and order the navy with a monogram.  In the time I was making this decision I misplaced the paperwork that came with the order so I emailed them asking for help.  They instantly responded telling me they located it, emailed me a return shipping label, and then also told me I could text them for updates and more help.  Text them?  Talk about serious customer service!!  The order arrived perfectly, they updated me regularly ... and then sent me a coupon code to order another pair when they felt the return took longer then they expected it to take.  I am here to tell you I will be a Margaux customer for life. 💗

I saw a girl I follow on Instagram share a blanket she loved for the beds in her home and I was intrigued.  We have blankets, but not one I swear by, so I gave it a go.  Her comment was that the blanket was thin but very warm.  I ordered two to give them a try and the first night we used it on our bed I got back online and ordered five more for the rest of the beds in the house.  I think her description is a good one, thin but warm. I also love that it is thin enough you can layer it and it will be good for both warm weather as it is for cold.  I can not recommend it enough.  I ordered the ivory to go with all the linens in the house, but I almost went for slate blue ... it is so pretty! As you can see the blanket has a rating of 4.6 out of 5 and that is amazing!!  Order one asap!

When I was in Charleston we popped into Crogan's Jewel Box to chat with the girls.  I love this family and love their shop so much.  I was excited to see Mini's new Goldbug collection and see what I could add to my collection.  I have two other pieces that I love and wear a lot and was hoping to find another timeless option.  I settled on these earrings and have worn them so many times since that day.  I love earrings that are great for all outfits and this pair is so me with the tiny pearls, and perfect for wearing with a mask.  I love them and so will you! For those curious ... I also have this pair of earrings and this bangle. 💗

Also while traveling I stopped into my friend Beth's Lilly shop in Columbia and did some fun shopping.  I love all things Lilly and Pink Sorbet is a very special spot.  If you know Beth you know she is just a special and dear woman and her store is a magical place.  Upon walking in I spotted the cutest gold sneaks and immediately snagged them.  They are comfortable and oh so fun to wear.  I wore them for the rest of the trip and have worn them repeatedly since.  You need these shoes!!  If you are near Columbia please make a stop to see Beth at Pink Sorbet.  She will instantly become someone special to you, as she is to me!! 

While perusing Instagram I spotted a giveaway that another girl I follow shared and was immediately interested in both companies involved.  I have shared Little Bird and their darling monogrammed hats and my current addiction with them.  I also found Meg & Marie with the most darling things for women and children.  I ordered a navy sweatshirt immediately and it is the softest and cutest thing in my current rotation.  It says love more in white on the chest, which I think we all need to do all day long.  I do not see the one I ordered, but this one is the next one I would add to my cart!  Oh, this just reminded me that the Hubs decided he wanted a monogram hat after seeing mine ... must order asap before he changes his mind!! 

Happy Shopping ... 

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