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Two Weeks Of Love + Joy

The past 14 days I have participated in a giveaway a day on Instagram to share some love + joy daily.  It was so fun and a number of small businesses participated finishing with an amazing giveaway with Frontgate yesterday.  I love partnering with others, it builds excitement, shares their business with others and showers them with some new followers for their brand.  I was picky for this two week process, picking some of my favorites to share with you. It was really a great success for all and today I am sharing each of their businesses so you will have a hard copy of those who partnered with me. 

I am going to list them in order and share the item they chose to giveaway.  There are some truly amazing businesses here ... and I think you will love them all.  The items they gave away are items I have purchased from them in the past and those I know you will love to purchase again and again. They are all female owned and small businesses, with the exception of the last one. Mark this blog post for reference and great gifts, they are so good. 💗

Tiny Tassel Co. - I love this black owned business. Her items are amazing and her tassels are stunning. I am obsessed with her earrings, they are all so cute ... but the tortoise plus tassels?  Yes please!! I gave away two pair of these cute bows, they come in a number of colors, but the pink is obviously my favorite. 

Mae Wearable Art - Mae is an adorable jewelry artist here in Atlanta.  She is truly infectious and creates the most unique and beautiful pieces that are most definitely unique. There are so many pieces of hers that are amazing, you need to check them all out. I think they make great girlfriend happies (for any day) and would be darling for your teen girls! We gave away some of her new collection, which is all super cute. 

Emily McCarthy + Acrylic Sticks - These are two of my favorite brands, and you all know that Emily is a dear, dear friend of mine.  If she creates it I am a huge fan.  We did a three way partnership to give away two girl friends a few things, including cocktail candles from Emily, a set of swizzle sticks, and then a few items from my shop.  Acrylic Sticks has the cutest swizzle sticks and I love a ton of them.  I have a big collection and use them quite often ... and can't recommend them enough. They are fun to add to your bar and great for gifts.  Just hand wash them after use and stick them back into your container on the bar.  Emily's cocktail candles are to die for and the containers can be used a cocktail glasses after burning them, making them perfect for your bar.  The Prosecco is my favorite!

Giddy Paperie - Leslie is amazing and could use all of our love right now.  Her Instagram was hacked and all her hard work was deleted.  She is starting with a new account and I told her this one will be better than before, she deserves it and so much more!!  We gave away a collection of her Pink Pups cards, they are so very very cute.  All of her new spring items are truly precious, you should definitely check them out. Make sure you are following her new account ... you do not want to miss anything at all!

Newport Needlepoint - I love all things needlepoint and this company is pretty new to me, but quickly becoming one of my favorites.  She carries needlepoint bracelets, headbands, and will carry hats soon.  We gave away a few of her darling bracelets and they were a huge hit. I own the seaside slim cuff and wear it quite a bit, they are adjustable so you can fit it to your wrist.  I have this one on my radar as my next purchase, I think they will be so cute paired together. They are all absolutely darling!!! I am also keeping her new hats on my radar, I will be snagging one the second she shares them.  

Little Bird - This company has the cutest kids clothes!!!  I fell in love with their cute embroidered hats, which they carry for both kids and adults.  I bought this one, embroidered with a bow, and when it arrived I knew they would be perfect for a giveaway!  I have now bought two more and truly wear them all the time.  Check out the photo with all the dog hair on me.  It is so wrong, this way taken after I got home from a week away and my pups were all over me.  Talk about major real life ... 

Weezie Towels - to know Weezie is to be completely obsessed with them! If you have ever used a Weezie towel you know how great they are, and their robes?  They are so cozy.  We gave away a set of their makeup towels which I can not recommend enough.  Add Weezie to your wish lists, you will love their products!

Hazen & Co. - You have heard me talk about Hazen so many times and you will continue to hear it. Every single thing they create is just so very, very good.  We gave away a sold out set from their partnership with Sue Sartor, and I know that sweet winner was so happy to receive her goodies.  They are so stunning. 

Designed by Dixon - I just adore Anna Louise!  She is a fellow blogger and a sweet friend I met at The Southern C. She is an event planner, has some fun interior design clients and an incredible booth at Cottage Grove in Greenville, South Carolina.  I love showcasing her because every single time I do those who are following her tell me how much they adore her.  She gave away one of the cute tassels she sells in her booth, they are amazing!  You can follow her Instagram and get snippets of the cute items she sells and all the incredible furniture she rescues and makes over for sale. She does such a great job!!

Tiny Tag Co. - Tiny Tag Co. is a boutique paper source offering high quality, custom designed paper goods perfect for any occasion.  I have about four sources for paper products and stationery and this is one of them.  I love Tiny Tag Co., their designs are so amazing and the girls are the sweetest.  I use their pads daily to keep track of my long to do lists and I snag tags from them all the time for my bestie happies and gifts.  I just used some of their Valentine tags to surprise my girls with donuts and coffee for Galentines day.  I loved them and can't wait to start working on spring and Easter happies next!!

Sweet Caroline Designs - Oh Caroline, to know her is to love her with your whole heart.  Caroline is another one of my closest friends and one I would never trade.  Let's be real, none of them are ever going to be traded!  If you need something custom and hand drawn, this is your girl.  Between her and Emily McCarthy anything can be made or drawn.  Caroline is the source of my cute logo for the shop and is the one who makes all my amazing stationery.  She has a new design, Chinoiserie Trellis (seen above), and gave away a $150 credit to her site for some spring goodies.  I just love her new work, it is sooo me. 

Frontgate - Can anyone beat Frontgate?  I definitely say no!!!  I loved ending the two weeks with one of my favorite companies!  They lovingly offered to gift one of you a fabulous Blue Ming hand painted ceramic planter.  They are so good and I own three of them.  One in my office and two at my front door!  I think they are incredible and take any thing you plant inside (real or faux) to the next level!!

Thank you for following along for the last two weeks, and thank you for giving me the space to share companies and people with you that I love and adore!

Happy Monday! 💗

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