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Stubbs + Wootton

I think my love for a loafer started in elementary school with penny loafers.  I can remember being in fourth or fifth grade and my dad teaching me to polish them for school and always adding in new, shiny pennies.  It was bliss.  For me the loafer is the epitome of prep style. I am a true prep at heart.  If you let me loose with a catalog or in a shop I will choose the preppy look every single time above all things.  The older I get the more this appears.  I love my pearls, love my button downs and jeans or skinny pants, and to complete the look ... love a loafer or a ballet flat. 

I bought my first pair of Stubbs & Wootton about four years ago from a listing on eBay.  They were brand new in the box and I loved them.  Navy velvet with the prettiest flowers in a great blue container, they were very me.  From the second they hit my feet I have adored them since and added many pairs to the collection.  I know have about six pairs, purchased from both the Stubbs store + from an owner hoping to resell them. I am picky about which pairs I buy since they are an investment and they are, most definitely, the most requested shoe link I get.  They are just always a good looking, comfortable shoe.

If you have never worn Stubbs let me share the things I have learned.  You must size up.  They are handmade and so well constructed but I find they run a solid 1/2 to full size small.  I have a medium width foot and they fit well in that manner.  I wear a size 10 and I hunt shoes in both 10.5 and 11.  If it is a mule I go a full size up, that is just what works for me.  And yes, I have a big foot, it grew a whole size about having babies ... le sigh. They hold up so very well and I have not yet had to replace the heels or any part of the sole as I have had to do with loafers in the past.  I find them very comfortable and they literally go with anything I wear, but most definitely jeans and cute pants.  I have worn them with cute shirt dresses in the past and love them that way as well.  I am telling you, I love these shoes

The pair shown here was my first pair, then I added a darling rose needlepoint pair, a great pink mule, this pair (in baby blue velvet), a good lime linen pair with flowers, and now I am currently waiting on a black pair with darling Staffordshire pups on them.  I am stalking the mail for this pair!! I have a wish list on the website and a few I am stalking both on The Real Real and eBay.  This pair has really caught my eye and I noticed that Carly has a new collection coming soon which would make me giddy if they have bows on them. 

Since Stubbs are pricey I have a few tips to help you cut the cost.  First of all check the website for surprise sale.  For example, during daylight savings time I spotted a 24% code on the site when is when I snagged my Negroni pair.  I just checked and there is a great selection of good pairs in the sale section, which is up to 65% off right now.  Also ... follow along with Carly (linked above) and Mackenzie Horan who often have sale codes.  I snagged a pair a while back from a blogger code.  I am pretty sure it was 15% but I may be wrong.  

Also, I am a brand ambassador for The Real Real and I share in exchange for site credit.  Here is the thing, I would share their business either way, it is a great site for so many great things.  I have definitely purchased and sold way more than I have had credit for, it is just that good.  I stalk the pairs that are either brand new or barely worn, and they always have a sale going on.  Right now this is the stock, and a number of them are so good.  Also, depending on how long they have been listed they may be 20 to 50% off.  It is a great way to score a pair.  Make sure you look at all the photos before you commit to buying to know what you are getting when they arrive.  

And then there is eBay.  I have purchased three pairs from eBay and been happy with every single one.  I would give you the same advice.  Look at all the photos and choose either new or barely used.  I say this because the more the shoes are worn the more they fit your feet and you want something you can break in on your own. Currently the stock is really good and their are a number of them I would purchase for myself. I always adjust my search for Buy It Now as I am never patient enough to wait for an auction to end.  You must email and share your pair with me if you snag one of these, there are so many really good ones. 

To know Stubbs is to love them and I hope if you don't already own a pair and they are your style that I have inspired you to give them a try.  If you do, please let me know!  💗

Images by Angie Webb Photo


  1. Love it! I really think your dog is so cute!

  2. I wear a 10 Narrow - are these going to work for me? I love them.



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