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Cute Spring Pjs For You

Yep, I am a pajama addict, but we all know that.  There is something to being able to slip into a pair of pajamas, top and bottom, and slide into bed.  I think it makes me sleep better, but that may just be all in my head.  I prefer a two piece set over a gown, I get all caught up in a gown when I roll over. I really like ones with a collar and buttons, but I will easily sacrifice that for softness.  There is always a time of day when my outfit turns into whatever top I was wearing + pj bottoms or shorts and then transitions into a full set of pjs sometimes right about dinner.  Have I said I just love them?

A few weeks ago I ordered this pair and I have worn them repeatedly since.  I know you have seen me in the bottoms in more than one Instastory with a sweatshirt.  How can you not adore pink gingham?  I have since purchased the green pair and have my eye on a set of Lake Pajamas.  What can I say?  It's spring which means I "need" a new pair.  

Or three.

I pulled together some of the best I have seen for you to check out.  If you are like me you won't be able to resist at least one new pair. 

Happy Tuesday!

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