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Needlepoint Canvas List

This year I have taken my love for needlepoint to the next level.  After learning from the master in July of 2019 I completed four canvases while Nathan was in the hospital and recovering but last year I struggled more with finding time to stitch.  You would have thought that with quarantine I would have completed more than ever, but I just didn't.  This year I made a commitment to completing 12 pieces and so far I have completed four and am half way done with number 5.  What is the difference?  How I store it, honestly.  I use to put it away after working on a piece and now I have a basket on the table between the chairs at the end of our bed and it is ready for anytime I sit down.  I can spend ten minutes on a call or I can watch a whole movie (like we did last night) and stitch away.  

Who knew it was all about how I was storing my work in progress.  I guess it is like anything else.  I would never read a book that I put back on the shelf after each reading session, so why oh why was I putting away my canvas.  I found a good round bowl and now all the fibers I am using, my scissors, needle threader, and canvas I am working on are all waiting for me to return.  It has made all the difference.  Well, that ... and I made a goal.  

So while I am stitching away this year I am already hunting my next canvas.  I do have a stash of about six, but that never stops a canvas hunt.  It is very easy to set one aside to stitch another you found and love.  Yes, it is a problem.  I don't know one needlepointer that doesn't have some sort of stash.  It is just to good to not look. 

I buy a number of mine at either my local shop or online ... and today I am spotlighting some great Etsy shops that I love to visit.  There are so many talented creators and I think they all need showcasing.  I recently bought some scissors and supplies from Penny Linn, I own a ton of things from Lycette, and I seem to visit Morgan Julia a lot as well. You can check them all out ... along with the cute shops I am showcasing below.  There is just something about finding a great cheeky canvas.  I just love this one so much, I think it is so fun! 

Also while hunting my next canvas I need to get some of the ones I have completed to the finisher.  I am currently prepping two to be framed and then picking fabrics for five of them to be made into ornaments.  I have so many that need to be finished.  My advice ... don't let them stock pile, send them to the finisher straight away so it does not become overwhelming!

You will love these I picked out, they are so cute!!

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