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Revere Bowls

I find and sell so many Revere bowls in the shop and they always go so very fast.  I know when I find them they will not stay for more than a day or so before flying out the door.  Why?  I think the Revere bowl is the most useful piece of silver plate you can own. They come in various sizes, with and without plastic or glass liners, and truly are so very useful.  I suggest that people use them for many things, anything from dips to holding a collection on your bookshelf to holding jewelry on your vanity.  There is nothing you can not do with this very versatile piece of silver plate.  

The bowls I find are all reproductions patterned after an original hand-crafted by Paul Revere in 1768.  According to my research there is quite a history of the original bowl. 

The original “Liberty Bowl” was engraved with the names of 15 members of the Sons of Liberty who commissioned it. It celebrated the “Glorious Ninety-Two”, a vote of 92 to 17 in the Massachusetts Assembly to disobey the King’s order and “not rescind” a letter produced and circulated among the colonies by that assembly. The letter was a protest against the British Ministry and suggested a united front against their policy of “taxation without representation.” The original “Liberty Bowl” can be seen at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. (source)

It was so interesting to read about Paul Revere's silver shop and the variety of items he made and engraved.  To think this reproduction has stood the test of time and it still sought after and used so many years later is fascinating to me. Can you imagine hunting silver and silver plate and finding his silver marks?  Those pieces would be so very valuable.

The bowls I find and sell come in a variety of sizes from a 2 inch diameter to 10 inches. I try to locate ones in excellent condition with no engraving, although I love the engraved ones for myself.  I think it is a fabulous conversation piece to have an appetizer or salty treat served in a bowl with a name and date on it.  It feels like it was meant to be.  Since they are so very popular ... I thought I would share some great ways to use them.  Once you realize how versatile this piece is you, too, will want to start your collection. 

First of all they are amazing for serving food.  I prefer to serve anything wet out of one with a liner.  If yours does not come with a liner they are available to purchase online. I found some on Replacements here (search on page 2) and a few with some more digging.  If you do not have a plastic liner just make sure you wash it well before use and after to ensure you don't leave anything on it that would harm the bowl.  I love using them for salty and sweet treats and I just add a cute spoon.  On a charcuterie bowl they are so pretty holding jams, jellies, and honey.  That bit of shiny immediately elevates the board. 

They are so stunning holding something you collect either on a bookcase or a coffee table.  I have one with a collection of shells on the bookcase in my office.  I always snag oyster shells from St. Simons and add them to the bowl when I return.  I have a collection of matchbooks on my coffee table in another vessel, but this would be another great idea. And, of course, they would be perfect for collecting keys, change and wallets on your entry table.  Anything I can corral in a bowl instead of a mess I am all for using. And, on the bar they are perfect for holding citrus before and after it is cut.  I think they shine so pretty filled with fruit in any area they are used.  

I am telling you ... a set with a variety of sizes is perfect to own.  I recommend a few in a three to four inch size, a few in the six to seven inch size and at least one eight and one ten.  The best part about them is they store so well being stacked together. They are incredibly useful.  

Stay tuned to my weekly sales to begin a collection of your own.  I find a number of them with the liner included so I do most of the work for you.  They will be shined and shipped to you upon purchase.  You can shop the sales each week on Thursday at 7 pm EST and some Saturdays at 11 am EST when advertised.  There are at least two Saturday sales per month.  I have added a link to the side of the blog for you to check out the sale account and make sure you are following along. 

I highly recommend a collection of revere bowls of your own.  They are great to use, and wonderful to pass down as they clearly were meant to stand the test of time. 

Happy Thursday ... 

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  1. Enjoyed reading this. I have so many of these. In a variety of sizes. Might list on Mercari and see if I can sell some of them maybe!!



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