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28 Years Together ...

I share this story every single year, but it is so special to us I will keep chatting about it.  Our first date was St. Patrick's Day of 1993 when we were working together at a law firm in Orlando, Florida.  It was a long week of trial prep, I was working late and he simply said to me ... can I buy you a green beer?  Knowing how much of a simple man he is this may be the most romantic way to start our lives together.  That green beer + shared plate of nachos turned into a whole life.  Yes there were ups and downs, but as my friend Nicole told me once ... "you know how it ends, the rest doesn't matter"

Every single year on this date I do something special for us, last year it was the first day of quarantine and luckily I had already shot this story and had all the ingredients left over and ready to serve.  It was a lot of unknowns that day and I can tell you those Irish Mules were plentiful that evening.  So much fear and so many crazy days ahead.  Wow ... I am so thankful we only thought it would be two weeks. 

All of these images and recipes are from a photo shoot last year which you can read about here.  I make these Irish Mules every single year after getting the recipe from a fellow blogger, Pizzazzerie.  They are delicious and have just the right amount of zing to them.  You can find that recipe in this blog post. As I do each year I gather all of my St. Patrick's Day decor from the one and only Emily McCarthy who's shoppe in Savannah is my go to for so many items, and most definitely anything for today.  I am sad this is the second year without their fun and amazing day of parade and parties but next year the world should be "normal" once again. 

We started our morning with coffee + shamrock cookies and just being super thankful for each other and our lives.  I love that we have entered the space in marriage where we just don't take each other for granted ... we know how blessed we are to be able to have the other to walk the days and the years.  Life is hard, get a great partner, I know I did. 

 I hope your day is truly blessed ... 

May the road rise to meet you, May the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face, The rains fall soft upon your fields. 💚


  1. I love St. Patrick's Day and think it's a lovely beginning for good things. Congratulations!

  2. Our first (blind) date was February 19, 1971.....50 years ago. It’s funny that what you are doing that doesn’t seem particularly significant in the moment but will end up changing your life forever!! How great that you have St Patrick’s day for your first date memory..... a double celebration!! 💚💚💚



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