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Spring Break Plans

After the longest year, for us all, I am thrilled to have a vacation planned.  One of my goals this year was to have two planned, safe vacations and I am so very excited to be heading out in two weeks for our first. We get our first vaccines on Saturday and the second in mid April and I am feeling so light knowing better days are just a month or so away.  With teenagers you get a very real sense of the end coming with them heading to college and pulling away from home.  The struggle is so real and so hard to process.  With mine getting older I have taken on a second "job" with the shop so the time away with my family will be so good for all of us. I truly can not wait

I have mentioned it many times but when I have a trip planned I mentally plan weeks ahead of what I will take.  I set out a laundry basket and slowly add things to it as they are washed and I think of them.  I love it so, it helps with the excitement and is perfect for my type A self. So, with this trip just nine days out my basket is starting to fill up. 

I have pulled some items for you in case you are heading somewhere and need some spring break items.  Most of these I already own, but I did grab a few things that are extra for the excitement.  My girl has already been shopping too and I truly can not wait. 

Here you go ... my picks for Spring Break this year!

photo styled by me for Larkly and taken by Angie Webb Photography
(ps, that's my girl!)

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