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Easter Table Scheming

Oh Easter ... you will be here in a blink and I need to be ready.  This year we will be spending Easter at the beach since it is the beginning of our Spring Break so I will be planning a simple table and taking a lot of cues from a tablescape I worked on last year.  If you recall I was in Charleston last year with some besties shooting a great table and sharing some fun new paper products from Sweet Caroline Designs.  This was the first project that Caroline, Mary (Mrs. Southern Social), and I worked on and it was so good.  The colors and the citrus, it was a simple design but turned out to be more than stunning.

There are a number of things I love about this table so I will break it down bit by bit.  First, the color palette.  I love pink and orange together and the introduction of green was so easy to do.  I love that the two main colors are there in varying shades so the depth exists.  

I love the mix of patterns of the tablecloth + the napkins.  The two pair so well together and yet are really so different.  Caroline's paper suite tied it all in and then took it even further, which she does so very well. 

For me adding citrus is a natural thing to do.  You can add it to anything at all and Easter would be so fun.  Can't you just see some grass added in to these photos with the prettiest little bunnies.  You could add in something natural, borrow some Herend bunnies, or even some darling white ones with bows. I think it would be perfect!

I also love the natural elements that pull it all together.  The rattan napking rings, the fresh fruit, the bamboo in the menus, using natural elements adds another layer of balance.  I think it works perfectly. 

Just a few more images because they are all so good and they show different things in all of them.  We worked with Andrea Kinnear and she nailed it all so well. 

I don't know what you are planning for Easter but can I suggest you think about pink, orange, and green? It is a classic combination that never goes out of style.  You can make it simple or next level, it is totally up to you!

I hope your Friday is fabulous!

All photos by Andrea Kinnear Photography


  1. What further suggestions do you have on pink, orange, green drinks?



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