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Spring Table Dreaming ...

The warm weather has me absolutely craving an alfresco meal with a table set to the nines.  I mean, it may just be take out ... but I feel like the first alfresco table needs to be set to the finest of details, don't you think?  There is something about eating outside that just makes me oh so happy!  Since I have yet to set a table outside this year I thought I would showcase one I set this exact time last year which I think is still so very perfect ... I mean blue + white is always right!!

The crazy part about this table is that I styled it literally last year, last week.  I came home the day the tornado hit Nashville and I feel like life just stopped right after.  I look back at this photos and think about the excitement and how stunning it was that day.  Cold ... but truly so pretty.  I love this table, its classic and relevant and just so good.  I love how the table is situated in a small space with the gate behind it and with an excellent view of the golf course.  It was truly such a pretty setting and the china and accessories just shined with all the greenery.  

You can still purchase these stunning linens so I will link them for you here.  You can also snag those great blue and white containers, which I own and love.  I have linked a few amazing blue and white plates for you to check out as well below ... I mean, they always make me want to set a pretty table. I think the first table I set this year will have a lot of blue and white in it since the greenery will just be so good.  I also love mixing different colors with the blue and white backdrop, orange and pink and most definitely at the top of the list for me.  

Happy Wednesday to you ... and happy shopping below! 💙

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