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Five Things I Am Excited About ...

Well, hello ... how are you? 
I am up this am sucking down the coffee with the sun pouring into my window and feeling really good.  I say this because I have struggled some recently.  I am well aware that a good day is a great one, and I am here to enjoy it.  We have had some family stuff for a few weeks that has finally resolved and I could not feel better with that weight no longer on my shoulders.  I slept well, popped out of bed in full energy, and I am ready to tackle this day and this week. 

I was making a list yesterday of things to do and I realized I have quite a few things I am excited about ... so today I thought I would share, in case you need some inspiration as well.  The older I get, and the more I experience, I realize that most bad days are just that and if I refocus my energy and think about blessings and things I am looking forward to I can realize it for what it is. It was a hard few weeks working through an issue with my girl and trying to support her as she dealt with it, but as the time went on and the meetings happened I see her feeling as if it is resolved which brings me immense peace.  You know, as a mother we are only as good as our children are.  When they struggle we carry it along as if it was our own baggage.  Bless these children trying to do life in such uncertain times. 

So, back to the exciting things on the list ... here they are!

Travel. I am slowly adding more travel to my calendar as the vaccine becomes more available and the numbers and cases go down.  I am ready.  Like, really ready for adventure and trips and vacation. Bring it on.  I have an overnight trip next week and then three planned for April.  I am one who mentally packs in my head, which helps to contain some of the excitement.  I am truly so excited to get out, have some fun experiences and make some new memories. 

Growth. The shop is growing so well and I am so excited for it.  I am currently having one weekly sale at Shop Pink Clutch and I am adding a second for a few Saturdays a month.  I am also working on more behind the scenes and the growth is so very exciting. As we look at the year anniversary of quarantine I would not have told you I would open a shop and start selling again weekly.  If you had suggested it I would have declined, but look where we are now.  How crazy ... and how amazing!

Fun Hair. I know that sounds crazy, but I cut my hair a few weeks ago and I could not love it more.  I had gotten to the place where I felt like my hair was way to long and had zero fun factor.  I spent so many years with a short pixie cut and I was craving shorter hair ... so I called the salon one afternoon and just had it chopped.  I feel younger, hipper, sassier, and way more like me.  Silly, maybe, but also so good. 

Spring.  I love spring and summer more than any other month.  It is time to fling open the windows, let the sun pour in.  Time to put away the plaids and thick throw blankets and flood the couch with the warm weather pillows.  I have a system of changing them out at the same time I buy Forsythia branches to force for the house.  The color and life giving blooms just make me so very happy. I am ready for porch weather, eating outside, sandals and dresses ... bring it!  It shows new life and a new chapter and after the winter and a year of the virus I am so good with a brand new chapter. 

I hope your day is beyond good, may it be spectacular. 



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