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Meet Me At The 19th Hole ...

I am beyond excited for this spring.  We are getting vaccines, the world is starting to celebrate again, and The Masters is on.  As soon as the azaleas begin to bloom I begin to dream of Masters weekend where we watch golf on repeat and our lunches consist of pimento cheese sandwiches with endless Arnold Palmers.  Last year my friend Mary and I planned some darling content to share during this week, but of course, it did not happen.  I have been so excited to share this with you, and hopefully just in time for you to gather some fun items for Sunday's round. 

We all make egg salad and pimento cheese sandwiches to nibble on during this weekend of golf ... but how about setting a fun table to celebrate the beginning of the weekend.  My friend Brittany calls it intentional celebrating and I could not agree more.  Let us all make it a point to set out the cute dishes, make a lemon topiary (it was easier than I thought it would be), and make or order some darling cookies to celebrate this very fun weekend of amazing golf. 

Mary and I set this table with the backdrop of the golfers, which obviously isn't easy to do, but it was so fun to see them playing while we were eating some extra cookies and dreaming up some fun content to share.  I love picking a color scheme and running with it and for this one it was white, yellow, and every shade of green I could find.  

When Mary shared these darling topiary tags I decided to add in a lemon topiary.  Having no luck finding a boxwood topiary, I decided to see if I could make one on my own.  This was just like every other project, it seemed so hard at first, but turned out to be so very easy. With some boxwood clippings from the yard and a great pyramid oasis ... it was easy to add the pieces, clip it into shape, and add in some fresh lemons.  I loved how it turned out. It lasted a full week so it would be easy to make the weekend before, and then use it on your table for Masters weekend or any other spring or summer soiree. 

I scored on some darling ribbon from a shop on Etsy, added in these darling striped straws, and Mary ordered the over the top cute cookies to complete our table.  The cookies ... I just love how the sprinkles represent the crowd of people gathered to watch the rounds. 

What would I serve at a darling luncheon set for six?  Oh that is the best fun, dreaming of the yummiest lunch! 

How about a classic plate of salad trio, all on a bed of the prettiest spring greens.  It would include egg salad with tiny toast points, pimento cheese with a side of jam (if you like it spicy) and the cutest cup of pita chips, and rounded out with a peach gelatin frozen salad which screams all things southern. Of course you will need a round of Arnold Palmers, lots of great mint, and lemons for days. You can end your meal with some cookies ... or even better, an ice cream sandwich made with peach ice cream.  Anyone else now starving?

Set your table with all of your green ... it can be the best china, or a mix of pretty paper plates, it is completely up to you!!  I used a mix of Spode, some darling French salad plates, and collection of crudité plates I own and adore. I also pulled these vintage napkins from my stash, green napkins are like blue, so useful for so many things.  

Set your table for this weekend, whether it be for a grouping or just you and your love, it doesn't matter one bit.  Let's get out the pretties, celebrate the life that is beginning again.  It is truly going to be such a better year.  Good luck to all playing this weekend ... The Masters is such a great mix of the best of the best. 

And, of course, do not forget your tea + lemonade ... whether you spike it or not, completely up to you!  😎

Happy Thursday ... 

Photos by Lele Fain Photography

sources ... 

Tablecloth: Wayfair 

Wine Glasses: Juliska

Drink Tags: WH Hostess 

Mary’s Dress: Pearl By Lele Rose 

Mary’s Earrings: Hunter Blake Designs 

Paige's Shirt: Elizabeth Wilson Designs

Paige's Earrings: Roberta Roller Rabbit

Paige's Shoes: JCrew

18th hole wine bag: Crab & Cleek

Master's Glasses: catstudio

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