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Trim Upgrade


One of the easiest tricks I have in my arsenal is also one of the best, in my humble opinion.  A few years ago when I was working on my master bathroom I decided that the bamboo blinds that were hanging behind our tub looked boring.  I thought about adding a valance, small drapery, and then settled on gussying up the blinds themselves.  In a matter of minutes I had gathered some trim tape, some glue, and come up with a plan. Also, in my opinion, the blinds look way better than they did before the trim update and the whole process could not have been easier or more fun to do.  In just minutes the blinds went from simple to fantastic ... and I did not need to add anything else to the window to give it some depth. 

Last spring ... just as quarantine went from a few weeks to a real thing one of the editors from Better Homes & Gardens reached out to ask me if I would share the details of the trim and let them include it in the July issue.  Of course I was thrilled and honored to do both and have the details for you in case you missed the article and wish to do the same to your bamboo blinds. 

First up make sure your blinds are fully extended to make sure you have the ability to add the tape from the top to the very bottom. Mine were already installed so I recommend doing the same as I find it easier to decide where to place it and it was secure so it would not move around. I used wide trim tape here and think it is the best to add the most punch. 

I added an extension cord to my hot glue gun (yes, hot glue) so it would be way longer than normal.  I use a high temp gun and it works really well to adhere it quickly and be able to remove it in the event I wish to ever change it down the road. To begin you cut the tape so there is a clean edge and fold down a bit to make a clean edge and keep it from fraying.  Make sure you fold down enough to be able to glue it down on itself before beginning to attach it to the blinds.  I then glue a section of it down where I wish it to be, starting at the very top, and continue to do so down the side of the blind.  I measured both of my sides and made sure it was equally spaced before I began to attach the trim.  Once you get a bit of it glued down you will find it is easy and quick to do the rest.  Once you get to the bottom of the blind you can cut it, leaving enough to fold over on itself to create a hem, and then glue the hemmed piece down to finish the strip. 

Repeat on the other side and leave it extended for a bit to make sure the tape and glue has time to cool and then pull it up to the desired height.  Since I do not take many baths in this tub ours has been this height for some time.  It is as easy, but good looking fix, and before you know it you will think more of your blinds deserve the same next level treatment. 

Easy peasy + good looking too!  I hope your day was a good one! 😉

Images by Angie Webb Photography for Better Homes & Gardens July 2020


  1. Love this idea! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Do you have any left? I think it would even nicer if it ran up the valance too.



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