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Sephora Sale Time

It's that glorious time of the year where all the Sephora goodies are on sale.  I will admit I stretch products around this time knowing I can restock while they are sale prices ... so let the restock begin.  I don't buy a ton of things at Sephora, but what I do buy I am committed to repurchasing.  I am a loyal girl and don't change up my routine much, but here and there I will come across something that I see another friend using and want to try.  The best part about Sephora is that they have an amazing return policy so you can try different things and what doesn't work you can return. That makes trying something new easy peasy. 

It must have been last year and the simple days and weeks when I began watching Gucci Westman use her products.  I love her philosophy of clean and easy to use products and have in the past month or so finally set out to try some of them.  I love my Flawless in Five from Beautycounter but with masks I wear little or no makeup each and every day.  So, for the time being I am not using my beloved Dew Skin and have traded it out for some simple Westman Atelier highlighter and now I am trying out some of their eyeshadow.  So far I own this product + this product and love both of them.  I watched my friend Nan Philip test out both Westman Atelier and Merit and loved her comparison.  I have really struggled with my concealer recently and have almost stopped using it, but I do love adding it in to my brows + lash routine, so I am going to order this one from Merit and see what I think. 

All of that to say ... I have a cart full ready for restock and I thought I would share.  I am breaking this down into what I already own and love and what I am trying for the first time.  At the end I will link them all for you, making it easier I hope. Starting today ... all VIB level customers get 15% off with code OMGSPRING. My cart is loaded and ready to purchase today!

Restock List ... 

Dry Shampoo, this isn't a clean product but I do swear by it
Cleanser, I love this one for summer
Sunscreen, I get this + this and love them both!
This lip balm is the best.
Tan drops ... I use my face bottle once a week and love the little bit of color it gives me!
Lip mask ... when your lips need some tlc, this is perfect
The best lip liner color ever ... remember when lipstick was a daily thing?
Daily Cleanse ... this are must haves, I do not skip a day!
Vitamin D ... yep, every single day!

Give It a Try List ... 

This sunscreen which contains Vitamin C
This mask, I love everything else from Summer Fridays, so let's try this one
This eyeshadow trio 
Set mist, I have never used it, so why not?
Hair mask ... I think mine could use some after last week in the salt air!
After shower body oil ... dry skin is always an issue for me!

All the products I mentioned plus a few must haves ... 

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