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Vouge Life In Looks

I stumbled upon a great series recently that I think you will love as much as I do.  Vogue has a Life In Looks series on YouTube and they have included a number of celebrities I have enjoyed watching.  The premise is to present each of them with a book of their looks and have them comment on each.  The first one I watched, and my favorite, was Gwyneth Paltrow.  To me Gwyneth is the ultimate cool girl.  She always looks so effortless, has beauty that truly comes from within and, her looks are always so ... just cool.  I have loved her red carpet looks and this was so fun to hear her thoughts on each, who they were, and why she chose them. 

Most of her looks were pre stylist era and also pre internet ... so her thoughts on attaining the pieces and the commentary after is so good.  I love that she was confident in her choices and then just went with them.  Well done. 

The series is good, and worth checking out for sure.  I also see there is a Beauty Secrets series as well and I have only watched the one by Gwyneth, of course. She shares her beauty must haves, and it is a great watch for sure. 

Next up for me ... Martha Stewart. 

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