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A Little Office Update ...

So ... since we can call the dining room done, well at least while we wait on the chairs, I am moving on to room number two.  I wasn't planning on doing the office next, but since it is an easy do I am starting it today and will be done this weekend.  My office is basically exactly the way I want it, but does need a few tweaks.  It will be an easy week, with lots of organization, a few minor changes and then bam ... we can cross room number two off the list. 

I changed up my office a few years ago and love it.  I needed more storage and less pretty and the combination of adding a dresser + these etageres really made that happen.  I use this room every single day and spend a lot of time here so it needs to be both inspirational + functional.  For the most part it is serving me well, but just need a few things to finish it.  

The biggest issue right now is the desk area + dresser organization.  With the addition of the shop last year I have piles everywhere.  I need to completely clean out the dresser and make it more functional.  I intend to organize it completely and then be able to have a drawer for both the shop and needlepoint in progress so I don't have both lying around.  Also, my desk has way too may items on it and I need to pare down so it doesn't stress me out when I sit down.  The dresser organization should help, and I intend to make sure I still have what I need at my finger tips but not all over my desk. 

Also, the plan was to paint the base of the desk, so that will happen.  I have a ton of rattan and wood in this room and need to add just a bit more color. #always

So the plan ... 

Pick up all the piles in the room
Clean out every single drawer of the dresser and purge what I do not need 
Paint the base of my desk
Cover both lamp shades with fabric
Organize dresser
Clean off desk and make it more "workable"

Deep clean and reveal

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy ... right?  You all love this stunning pot + lemon tree and so do I.  They are one of my favorite elements in the whole room!

Stay tuned on Instagram, this one will be a quick fix. 

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Paige-you just inspired me to clean off some of the items on my desk. Alas, I can’t rid myself of the 20 red wells of case files occupying my home office floor as a consequence of telecommuting, but it is a start! Hope you paint the desk blue.

  2. I don't remember seeing this room before. It's hard to pick a favorite because I love it all, but I am most fascinated by your display of all your treasures.
    This is something I struggle with so I love inspiration. More is More!
    I would love you to consider doing a post of all your tabletop displays in your rooms and perhaps the creative process behind them.
    This is a great series.



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