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Dining Room ... the after

Wow ... that took two weeks, but guess what?  The dining room is done.  I am sooo excited to mark it off the list and no longer have post its and little items stashed all over and under things waiting for me to finish the room.  I can not tell you how happy I am I made the decision to start this process.  I woke up the morning of day one so motivated and now I can not, will not stop.  

So, let's chat ... 

My list when I began was long, but I had already started some of it, so I wasn't feeling super overwhelmed by it all.  I am telling you that first day of diving in I was so inspired ... and ready to tackle it all.  I am now wondering why I ever left any of it undone.  So silly ... and also so lazy.  But ... no more. 

So the plan ... 

Clean the room and remove every single thing that doesn't belong (believe or not I thought it would take a full day and it only took about 2 hours)
Put everything I took out away in its proper place or choose to donate/sell (this was part of the above)
Vacuum the room (twice, it was just so dusty from all the piles 😳)
Finalize art for the walls ... make sure I love what is hung and if not move it
Decide what to hang on the one empty wall (we have never had anything on this wall) Paris piece 🗹
Pick up light sconces at the lamp spa where they were rewired Lamp Arts 🗹
Make shades for light sconces 🗹
Swap out the shelf sconces with the new porcelain ones (and drop one, but its fine) 🗹
Fix curtain ... it needs to be divided into two panels from the large one it is, and fix the hem
Table side chairs ... recover  🗹
Table end chairs ... have seat covers made (being patient!)
Hang wallpaper in the back of the breakfront (only one panel is done) 🗹
Deep clean the room + reveal 🗹

You can watch the after reveal video here.  I hope you love it as much as I do! 

Next up, have it shot and I will have great images of a room I started dreaming about changing maybe 18 months ago.  The best thing I did was remove the French breakfront we were using and just go more traditional. It feels so much more us, and I have the best plan for the other piece. 😉

So ... moving on.  What room will be next?

Happy Monday ... 

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