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Design Books

Happy Thursday!  This was not the post I had planned for today, but when my friend suggested I talk about this subject the timing could not have been more perfect.  During this week of dining room work I have picked up and flipped through a total of four of the books in my collection.  It started with monogram inspiration, moved to chair cover inspiration, then moved to sconce placement inspiration, and then last night I was trying to figure out if I placed a sconce the way I wanted it and so back to my design book library I went.  The point being ... I have a great collection of design books and I use them all the time for inspiration, for great relaxation, and for blog post ideas.  I love the ones I have and I USE them, which was Nicole's point.  Her exact words to me were ... you should write about that.  You use your books all the time and I don't use mine and I can't be the only one who doesn't.  

So here we are

First up ... let me share the books I used this week and then I will share what I believe are the best of the best to add to your collection if you are like me and (a) love design books, and (b) want to use them for inspiration.  

The first book I used this week was Monograms For The Home by Kimberly Whitman.  This book is not only gorgeous but so good for inspiring you to add monograms to places you haven't before ... and to try new ones.  I swear by it. 

The second book I checked for monogram options, I was looking at monograming the seats of our end chairs in the dining room, was The Art of The Monogram by Cynthia Brumback.  Another stunning book about monograms all over the home. 

When I was looking for inspiration for chair covers I grabbed all of my vintage Laura Ashley decorating books and flipped for a while.  I found something I loved, screen shot it, and took it to my upholstery shop. I have almost all of them, but the image I found was in Laura Ashley Complete Guide to Home Decorating. 

Lastly, when I was needing some sconce placement ideas I flipped through my new favorite book, Danielle Rollins  A Home For All Seasons. What I realized while looking at every single page in the book was that she places them where she wants them and makes them work.  I woke up this morning deciding to do the same.  I love where the sconce is placed, and it will stay. 

Another book I check almost weekly is Eddie Ross' book Modern Mix.  When I am trying to clean something for sale, I read it.  When I want to know how to research an item, I read it.  I check it a lot and it is a must have for sure. I actually have two copies, one he gave me and one I bought at an estate sale to give away.  I have one upstairs in our bedroom and one in my office.  That shows you how often I use it. 

I have added my favorites, and all the ones I talk about here, to my Amazon shop ... and I think you could use all of them for your library if you like to use them for inspiration and resources.  You can't ever go wrong with a Bunny Williams, anything from Carolyne Roehm, James Farmer is great for tons of inspiration, Phoebe Howard, Martha Stewart is a must collect, and of course my friend Eric Ross wrote a stunner of a book.  You can shop them all here ... and if you need a great gift to give for a housewarming ... a book on their favorite thing to collect or do.  I do love to receive a book!

Also, when purchasing ... do not shy away from a used book.  I love buying them and gifting them and any true lover of a book will appreciate a used one as well. 😉

Have the best day ... 

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  1. I love design books too bc I enjoy reading about the designer's process.



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