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All The Things On My Radar Currently

That was a mouthful of a title, but it is true.  I have screenshot so many fun things to go back and checkout and I figured why not share it with you.  I have been so busy this week, in the best way possible, working on the dining room and I can share with you I have also slept so well.  I don't know about you but I sleep so much better when my head is clear of the mental to do lists I make for myself.  I can walk into a room and before I know it instantly feel the stress of all the things I have not finished.  This project I have now taken on for myself is truly the best idea I have ever had.  

Oh, and the dining room is looking so much better!

So, back to the list of good things on my radar ... it is really great stuff so bookmark this post if you need to and go back later. 

First up, my top in last night's live with Emily McCarthy.  I love Emily's clothes.  I think she has put such incredible thought and time into them and they are stunning.  They are made well and fit well, with lots of room for movement and sizing.  I size down in most of her clothes, but I also can wear my own size and it works too.  The top I was wearing last night is my favorite, the Poppy. The color is good, the fit is great and the sleeves are fabulous.  It comes in a number of colors and patterns, but the one I was wearing last night is this one.  The same top also comes in a dress and I think it is also my favorite piece she owns.  I may have talked her into making it into a caftan, fingers crossed

Second ... this bath mat.  Can you even?  It is so cute and we needed a new bath mat for the guest bathroom upstairs so I ordered this morning.  I love it and will share it when it arrives. 

My friend Leslie designed a belt bag and I am all in.  Dress for Cocktails has the best designs and they are all interchangeable with her bows.  So you can create numerous options using a variety of bows with all her bags, hats, and now this belt bag.  Ordered it immediately.  

This bra.  I don't normally talk about undergarments but you need this bra.  My friend Cassie shared it and I was very unsure about ordering a bra off a recommendation but I was so very mistaken.  Ordered it, it arrived on Sunday and immediately ordered two more Monday.  It is that good

Cassie also shared this tumbler you can customize.  I love it. You can use their colors and create whatever you want to say ... or you can upload your logo. This is perfect for the beach, a lake house, weekend get together, you name it.  I love it and hers she created for their new lake house look amazing!

Next ... Print Fresh pajamas.  I love pajamas, but you already now that.  How adorable are these and the patterns ... how do you decide?  If I am choosing my favorites I would rank them as Lime Tree (seen above) then Lemon Tree, Camel's Courtyard, and then Bagheera in cloud.  But that Royal Palms in pin basil.  I ordered one pair to try ... I will share when they arrive. 

Heidi Carey is a new to me brand with the prettiest things.  I am in love with her boudoir shams and all the table linens.  The details look very similar to another brand I love and I am smitten. I have not purchased anything from them, but the floral tablecloths are on my wish list for sure. 

And the last thing, I have bought and love these Tillamook cheeseboards.  I have mentioned before that I get busy and forget to eat so I have to keep things on hand that are easy for me to grab and eat.  These little packs are so yummy and perfect for either a great snack or can be made into the best lunch.  They remind me of the power boxes I snag from Starbucks but so much better.  You can add a boiled egg and some fruit to it and it is a complete lunch.  My favorite is the Strawberry Heat but they are all so delish. Also, while searching for this information for you I learned you can purchase hard to find cheese on their website and I am shook.  How amazing and wonderful it would be to use some of these to make a cheese board.  I just added that to my to do list for this weekend. 

Happy Hump Day ... 


  1. Heidi’s robes are the best! I have the Christmas/Holly robe and the Lillies of the Valley one. My sister has the hydrangea robe and they are the softest most light weight, perfect for our Southern climate! You need one! Or two!

  2. Just ordered the bra. So sick and tired of the underwire, and the non underwire have been ridding up. Looking forward to trying this one! Do you have suggestions for light fleece pants, not leggings, no tummy control, that don’t have itchy seams?



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