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Market Umbrella Shopping

We had our deck power washed last week to prepare to stain it again and then seal it.  It has been needing some TLC for a while and I finally the first stage crossed off the list. It is only through stage one and I am already feeling so much better about the whole thing.  I love porch and deck weather and it was needing some love and attention in a bad way. While we were moving furniture I noticed that my umbrella had been damaged in a recent storm.  I have had it for about four years and I guess its time with us was just done.  

So ... now I am hunting a new umbrella. 

The good thing about getting a new one is that the one I had was too small for the table we were gifted last year from Frontgate.  It worked, but didn't fit perfectly, as you can see above, so this is our chance to fix that.  I have been hunting and reading and have it narrowed down to nine.  Yep, nine.  I can't decide if I want a round or rectangle and then what color.  I realize this is silly, but also its important since I will be living with it for at least five years.  

I did not realize you can also order them with built in solar lights, which I considered for a hot minute, and then moved past.  If they didn't work they would annoy me greatly so I am saying no to that option.  If you recall we have both navy and navy stripe cushions so we need to work with that and I will be replacing the rug you see here as it faded greatly.  I am not sure why, but it did. 

Can you help me choose?  Which one is your favorite?  We can number then from 1 to 9 going left to right and then back to the left.  I am leaning toward number 1 or 8 at the moment, but then I change my mind.  See the problem?

What do you think?


  1. I would stay away from fringe, sadly. It collects dirt and pollen and then the white gets super dingy. The scalloped options are classic with that custom touch... in my opinion! 😉

  2. I just bought the 10 ft scalloped one and love the size and ease of use. I chose the white with black trim an I must say that it is more of a yellowy white than pure bright white like my cushions. I didn't return it because I got a very good price. Good luck, I can't wait to see what you choose.

    1. thank you for your feedback, yellowy trim is not good! xo, paige

  3. 1 is very you but doesn’t look the right size or shape. I like 5, but the pattern on 8 will probably hide dirt more.



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