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Operation Completion

I was on Instagram yesterday and noticed a few of my friends gearing up for a spring round of the One Room Challenge.  I was thinking back to all the rooms we have transformed in our house with that six week crunch of work, excitement, and more work.  I love working in our home and creating new rooms that work for our family and watching them come together.  As I was instantly trying to figure out if I could jump in I realized I do not have the budget or the time to do the room that needs it the most, our basement den.  I am just not up for it ... but hopefully this summer is the time. 

I did however start thinking ... and thought most of the evening on the topic.  When I convinced myself it was not the right time or right idea I then started thinking in a different direction. The main issue I kept telling myself was that I have multiple projects and things I want to finish before I would even consider taking on a big one. For example, I am still working on the dining room and I began to list out in my head all the things still on the list. And then the laundry room still needs a dutch door, and I went on and on.

And then, it hit me.   

Instead of signing up for a six week (well eight weeks really) One Room Challenge, I am going to use that six weeks, or eight if I need it, to hold myself accountable to finishing the spaces I am working on.  I woke up this morning so very excited ... this is an excellent plan.  I do so well on a schedule with a true deadline.  I am going to make a physical list for each room and then start on Monday with the "before" and reveal on Sunday afternoon.  I will give myself a full week to tackle each space. 

Since I am joining in to the ORC I will not sign up.  I also will not post or coordinate with their days as that is a well oiled machine which I have a ton of respect for.  This is not a six week transform a space challenge, it is instead a get my shiz in order and finish the stuff I started challenge to myself. 

So ... here is how this will work

On Monday of each week I will video the space talking about what it currently happening and what I need to finish.  At the same time I will post here on Monday with some before images and a plan. All week long I will update you and show you what I am working on.  Sunday afternoon I will share the "after" and then post here with the results.  Does that make sense?  You will need to be reading both the blog and following along on Instagram to get the full picture. 

I will be working in our dining room, master bedroom and bathroom, laundry room, breakfast room, den + office, and powder room. I have a list of wants and changes that "need" to be made to get items off my master list and move to the next thing.  I have stuff piled up, items I have bought to use, and things I will need to gather.  I am telling you, this is going to be so good for me. My office is almost finished and I could not love it more.  When I walk into it I feel such a feeling of completion which is why I am ready to get some other rooms on the same feeling.  I have put our life ahead of the house, as I needed to, but now it is time to finish the projects I have started.  The piles I have created are going to disappear and I literally can not wait. 

So ... on Monday morning I will begin.  We are going to call this project ... Operation Completion.  I think this may be so life giving since my type A self has so many open tabs that need to be closed.  Plus it will give you all some real footage of our house which I get emails about all the time.  And a lot of honesty ... like the fact I have a Christmas tree in the dining room and it needs to go.  Real life of a blogger.  This is going to be interesting. 😁

I hope you will love it as much as I plan to ... 

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Oh, this is going to be great! My favorite posts are of your home as it inspires me. Your laundry/utility room is fabulous. I love color and pattern too.
    I think this is something we could all do - finish projects. Can't wait to see each room.

    1. I am so ready to get this going, the piles and the uncompleted items are killing me! xo, paige

  2. Your home is just stunning ... the wallpaper in your laundry room is just delightful! I wondered if you might be able to share the source for the beautiful piece of artwork over your gorgeous desk.

    1. Thank you! Yes, that is a piece by Dana Gibson and I really love it!

    2. Thank you! Hoping you and your family are well!

  3. Hi Paige, Could you tell e about the pretty green and white Chinese artwork hanging behind the desk in the first photo? I love it! Thanks!

    1. Yes!! It is a piece by Dana Gibson and I love it so much! xo, paige

  4. Paige,
    Love the colors! Can you tell me if you added the ribbon border to the shades? If so, how did you attach? Just love that detail.
    Thank you,

  5. I love your blog! I adore your use of color. I am looking forward to seeing what comes of your hard work! I know it's going to be great. I like this plan and may have to give it a try myself.



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