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Today is one of the best sales you can find this year for Frontgate.  You know I love them, love working with them, and stand behind every single piece we use and own from them.  I can not say enough good things about Frontgate or their products, and right now you can shop for 20% off with code LTK2021.  The sale is live and ends on June 13th so don't delay. 

LTKDay is an exclusive sale you can shop via the Like To Know It app, which I am most definitely a partner on.  You can find me by searching for paigeminear ... and here you will find a lot of amazing things I own, wear, and use and promote daily.  For me the app is the easiest way to share links with you as they are stationery on the app and not a swipe up that will disappear after 24 hours on Instagram.  I am only promoting this one sale as it is the one I will be shopping ... and I definitely think you should be checking it out.  You can also find the app link on the right side of the blog .. under the label SHOP MY FEED. 

Hands down the most requests I get for links are items that I have partnered with Frontgate to own in our home.  Our porch, yep Frontgate.  Our planters everyone loves, yep Frontgate. The fabulous Ming Jar doormat in our kitchen, yep.  The faux lemon tree, yep .. you guessed it.  Can you tell I am a huge fan??

Check out the app, check out the items I have posted about ... and most definitely do not miss out on the 20% off sale. 

Happy Friday ... 

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