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Slim Aarons

As I am working on my powder bathroom I have talked about our love for Slim Aarons and his photography.  For me it is the perfect mix of art + the vintage feel I love to add to our home.  We have so many inherited pieces and I find I do well mixing it with both vintage pieces + new pieces to make it feel timeless and not just a museum for old pieces. I honestly do not recall the first time I learned of Slim Aarons and his iconic photographs but I can tell you I truly am a fan of the timeless, and often cheeky, images.  

His career began as a photographer in World War II and he vowed to change courses and shoot celebrities and others having a good time and enjoying life.  His images of "attractive people doing attractive things" must have been such a lift after a long and trying time capturing images of war. I love to flip through my books of his work and see some things really haven't changed in the years since an image was shot.  In the image above I see more than one person with an outfit I own something similar to, along with bikes that could have been placed there today, and hats and sandals that are so common in the summer. With the exception of the automobiles and the prevalent smoking ... there is something so classic and timeless about this piece of his work.  

Framed Slim Aarons can be quite expensive, and I promise you are worth your funds and your time.  I have found that I prefer to hunt for art prints and then frame them myself as the hunt and the work framing brings me a great deal of joy.  Our first piece, one of Lilly Pulitzer and Babe Paley, was perfect for us since it was shot the month and year Nathan was born in Palm Beach.  It reminds me of his mother with her scarf tied on her head and he says of his mother and her best friend Jane cooking up some sort of trouble.  

I am drawn to the ones shot in Palm Beach, the Bahamas and any thing water related.  Growing up and loving Florida the way we do it just feels like us.  We have purchased two new ones ... see below ... and I am dying to hang them in the powder room immediately. I am so excited. 

If you are also a Slim Aarons fan you can purchase his books, hunt for framed art, or purchase art prints like me from Fine Art America.  They will also frame them for you if you desire.  But beware, once you collect one its just down hill (or up) from there. 😉

Happy Wednesday ... 

all images from Fine Art America and shot by Slim Aarons

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  1. Love, love! Have you seen the Slim Aaron's documentary? I can't remember if I saw it on Amazon Prime or Netflix but it was fascinating! xo, Kate in Connecticut



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