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Operation Completion, The Office

Why oh why did I not decide to tackle my house one room at a time a long time ago.  This is so good for my type A finish a project self.  I have found I instantly love walking into rooms that are "done" vs rooms that have a pile of anything anywhere.  I have no idea why I made piles to begin with, except that I have been super busy running a blog + a shop, and I just lost my focus.  

But this ... wow, it has been incredible.  

Today ... I have an office reveal for you and you can watch it on IGTV here. If you want to read the before, and the plan, check out this post. My favorite part of the space is both the tidiness of it + the completed shades.  Those were a labor of love and I am so happy I did not give up in the middle like I so wanted to do.  I am not sure I will tackle the project again soon, but I can tell you that it was easy to do, just super time consuming.  I used this tutorial and it could not have been easier to understand and do.  I adore this blog if you have never read it.  She is a friend and "neighbor" and has the best style. I will recommend if you take on a shade, which you totally should, use a drum shade and not a bell shade, it is so much easier. 

The biggest thing in the office that I can tell you did not happen would be painting my desk.  From the time I planned this office years ago I always planned to paint the desk.  I had a vision for it to be a pale and lovely pink ... but as I got ready to do it I just couldn't.  I wasn't sure I still wanted to do it, and maybe it will happen later, but for now I love it the way it is.  I did, however, paint a stool the same pink and I painted a pair of busts the French blue I was also contemplating for the desk.  I love both colors, so maybe it will happen at some point ... but for now I am happy. I also remembered while cleaning that the ceiling is a pale pink ... so maybe I use a sprayer and match it.  We shall see at a later date

The chest ... I took every single thing out, edited it, and organized it and it is serving me so much better now.  By organizing the chest I was able to clear my desk, and clean up all the piles on the floor.  I even made a drawer for in process projects and that made a huge difference in keeping it tidy.  I did not realize until it was gone that the clutter on my desk was affecting my creativity and now that it is gone I am flowing. Now I have just my family photos, a calendar, a candle, a coaster and a small container with my blog calendar and note pads.  So much space to just be. I love it. 

Oh, and cord management.  It was completely out of control and the pups were getting caught in them when they were running in my office.  It was destined to become a problem and needed to be fixed asap.  I ordered two of these boxes + a pack of these zip ties + this strip and instantly it is better.  It looks so good and when I look down through the glass desk I could not love it more.  Tidy cords bring me so much peace. Now that the cords are gone I have space to add a bed for the pups to snuggle under the desk and not be in my foot space.  Add that to my shopping list!

So ... not a huge change but also HUGE.  I feel so much better about the office and I am ready to tackle summer content, be creative with posts, and tackle another room which I will start next week.  I have ordered some art and I will be sharing how to frame an item yourself.  🎉

Happy Tuesday!


  1. The link is not working to see your beautiful office😟

  2. I love how lively your room looks nice! Can only imagine how rejuvenated one must feel while working here.
    When it comes to living room, I personally love the idea of adding a few decorative items for living room, and my go to place is



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