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Powder Room ... It's done!!

I love our powder room!  I loved it before, but as I mentioned in this post I felt like it was missing something, some extra character, something cheeky, and definitely some points of interest.  Well, after two weeks of work I couldn't be happier with the results. It is exactly what I wanted, and more, with some great ideas sent in from Instagram followers.  I have a video of the space you can see here, but I will break down sources and ideas below.  Our dear friend David, who cuts and colors my hair, was at our house on Monday and he came out of the bathroom and said ... love the sign on the door.  Yep, exactly what I hoped and more!  

And before you wonder ... these are old photos, new ones were shot the other day. 😉

Since we gutted this space a few years ago I only did some cosmetic work to it, which was so easy.  I did have to wait on a few things, including the rug which is still en route, but otherwise I had either already made the purchases or knew exactly what I wanted.  For the art both the Hubs and I wanted more Slim Aarons pieces which feel so "old Florida" to us.  We own one in our bar area that I bought and framed for Father's Day for him some years ago and I knew exactly where to look to get more.  I use Fine Art America to buy art prints and then have them framed.  It gives me the exact look I want and for so much less than buying them matted and framed.  The Slim Aarons section can be found here, and there are pages of amazing pieces of his work for you to peruse.  We chose two we love and they look so good in the room. The previous art was too pink and green and expected and I wanted a big change.  I love how the new art is so different and adds so much more interest to the room.  I chose to use Hobby Lobby for my frames and mats and like I said before, if you have not used them for framing services I highly suggest you do so.  The frames were all premade and 50% off and the mats were so inexpensive and they did them for me in under an hour.  I took six pieces for mats and it was $59.  And, under an hour to complete. I am hooked. 

The wallpaper was gifted to me years ago by Blush Label which has since gone out of business.  It is a great textured green graphic and I love how fun it is and how it breaks up all the florals in the house.  I have been having such a strong floral moment right now and this is a great break from that feel. I wish I had a link for you, but sadly those darling and talented girls are no longer in business. The light switch plate and outlet cover are from Reprotique and were a gift from Susan when we finished the bathroom.  They are tortoise and the light plate is a pagoda while the outlet plate is just simple.  They are so pretty and add so much interest and everyone that uses the room asks about them.  You can find them on her site.  Susan has an incredible website with so many goodies, definitely check it out. 

I traded out the mirror and the light fixture from one set of antique pieces to another. The mirror was blending in too much and I wanted to change the shape of the mirror from the rectangle I had to a circle.  I found an amazing antique mirror while on Spring Break in St. Simons and I intended to sell it but decided it was perfect, so we kept it.  The antique light in the room was beautiful but not sturdy or wired properly and when I spotted a darling one in the closet at an estate sale for $10 I decided it was perfect for our powder room. 

From there I ditched the toilet paper stand, which I hated, and added in a garden stool and a basket to hold the same toilet paper and it looks so much better and works like a charm.  There would be countless times I would walk into the room and the freestanding toilet paper stand would be some random spot instead of its intended location and I would be so frustrated.  The garden stool looks good, doesn't move, and the basket on top holds two rolls of paper, one in use and a backup.  The best suggestion ever!!

I get a lot of questions about the window treatment which is custom and was made years ago from a tablecloth I bought at Williams Sonoma.  I loved the pattern and my girl did such a great job ... the pleats on the bottom are my favorite.  I traded out the simple white blind for my favorite bamboo ones from Levolor. I used to be able to buy them at Lowe's but the color I like they no longer carry, but I found the same ones on Amazon. To add extra interest I hot glued some extra trim to the blind, which is my favorite thing to do, and I am thrilled with the extra color, pattern, and texture. 

And then this area ... I love the bamboo piece, but it was not doing what it was intended to do. It was styled here for a photo, so it was not in this state when I started but it was still not working.  The bottom shelf now has a basket holding extra toilet paper and some guest napkins just in case I need them. The shelf above it has the books with the blue and white piece filled with matches.  It adds some interest and I love that piece there.  The next shelf above it holds all the extra vintage guest towels and then the last shelf is decorative.  I added an orchid, a small tray (it's so pretty) with matches for the candle that sits on the toilet tank, and I have room for another small vase of flowers.  It is functional and still pretty and makes sense now instead of just being styled. For reference I bought the medium size tray.

A few last details ... the candle (my favorite, maybe ever!!) is the Rose Water from Southern Bungalow Co. and is my hands down recommended candle.  The cheeky sign on the back of the door was scored from this great Etsy seller and the Bathroom sign was from this new to me Etsy seller

I have updated images coming soon, we took them this week, and I hope you love.  Like I said before it is exactly what I wanted, pretty + interesting + functional.  Now ... on to the breakfast room + kitchen. 



  1. Can't wait to see photos! Do you have source for print that is above bamboo shelf in these photos?
    I had a wicker shelf that was similar to bamboo shelf. I got rid of it in a fit of decluttering and have regretted it ever since. So versatile.

  2. Dear Paige,
    I just discovered your blog and I love it!!! I'm a person who needs COLOR in my life... definitely not a greige person. :)
    As it happens, I'm in the midst of planning a redo of my powder room. I’ve chosen my wallpaper and fixtures, but my biggest dilemma is whether to change out my decade-old floor tile or work with it. How did you decide to keep your existing tile? I am not at all talented with design, so I would really appreciate your thought process on making those type of decisions.
    Thank you so much!

  3. I believe you can obtain your wallpaper for Mitchell Black. It is called Marble and color is emerald. I have not contacted the company but it is on their web site for sale.



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