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Six Things I Bought + Loved Vol. 9

Happy Wednesday!!  Did the first day of summer sneak up on anyone else, or just me?  I looked at the calendar today and was in shock ... its June 23?  What happened to the first three weeks??  I think that time is marching so fast these days and I have had to go back and look at the photos on my phone to realize what we did and that we are truly soaking up summer and not just working out way through it.  The older my children get the faster time flies.  The little one just mentioned yesterday she will be 17 in three months and I promise you it was a combination feeling of almost passing out and throwing up.  How did my little baby get so big??!

Moving on ... (can't think about it any longer) to better topics, things I have bought and loved recently.  I love doing these, you all love them so and they are so fun to dissect what I bought and why I bought it.  I am way more of a picky purchaser than I was ten years ago and now I return way more when it comes and I don't love it. The items that make the cut are shared with you, and I have some good ones this time.  

You ready?

First up, this bag.  First of all its called the Paige and its the cutest belt bag I have ever seen.  I have worn it twice since it arrived but I am packing it for Florida this week and I will be using it constantly.  We are flying to Orlando on Friday for five days of volleyball and I will be sporting all the simple, not hot clothes and the belt bag is perfect.  It's woven, light weight, and will hold my phone, my wallet, and a snack or two.  What else do you need for watching hours of ball?? I have packed my favorite jean shorts, a couple of simple v neck tee shirts and sneaks and it will pair perfectly.  I am telling you this bag is sooo cute!

Next, my Pencil & Paper Co. Creative Club Happy Mail box.  I finally signed up to be a part of Gen's Creative Club and the only regret I have is not doing it sooner!!  My first box arrived a few days ago and I was blown away with the contents.  It was filled with goodies, coupons and items I immediately pulled out and put on ... as in yesterday's earrings.  I love it and can not wait for the next Happy Mail box.  You can see the items I received in the sold out June box and the preview of the goodies coming for July here.  I am telling you this box was so good and so much fun to receive. If you have not signed up, what are you waiting for??

I splurged and snagged the best sunnies from The Real Real.  I love working with them and buying from them, and coming soon selling with them.  My friend Nicole bought a pair of Prada sunnies that I have wanted for years and when she told me she scored them on TRR you bet I checked the site and found the exact ones I wanted in dark tortoise.  I think they are so good and I am loving wearing them.  They retail for so much more and I paid $145 which was a great summer happy at a good price.  I will wear them for as long as I love them and then I can always resell them when I want.  They are sooo cute!  I have chatted about TRR many times but this is the first time I have bought anything but shoes so this was so fun to do. This is the exact pair I bought in a mix of black and tortoise for an extra 20% off, someone snag them fast!! This is her exact pair for only $116, and these are a fun variation. Have you shopped with TRR before?

I shared the other day my obsession with Sarah Flint, but it is worth mentioning again.  I love both pairs of shoes I own and I just bought a third pair.  When they arrive I will share, but let's just say I can not wait.  I wear my Grear sandals daily, and I swear by both the Grear sandals and the Natalie flats.  I love them so much and I have ignored others shoes in my closet for them.  If you are looking to purchase take $50 off your first purchase with my code ... SARAHFLINT-BAPAIGEM.  Stay tuned, the new pair is so good. 

I added two pillows to our sofas on the porch this year and they are the perfect match and addition.  I currently have the porch styled for Memorial Day/Fourth of July, but after that I plan on using more of a pink and green styling for spring and summer.  I will have both to trade out ... but the new pillows will stay no matter what.  I ordered two of these pillows and we really like them.  They are perfect for the sofas and they fit the chairs we have perfectly.  I probably should order two more but I will decide after the new pillows are made. To refresh your memory we have this set plus this extra piece that stays on the porch, and, like I said ... the new pillows are a perfect match. 

After a scary incident a few weeks ago and another one last week I have purchased a Ring doorbell.  We are installing a better security system and the Ring was the first thing on the list.  When the incident happened last week the Ring would have been perfect to capture our neighbors being robbed while both my husband and I + the mailman + our large dog were all in the driveway. In addition there was a police office stopped at our stop sign at the exact moment she was being robbed.  I mean, its shuddering to me how it all happened. It was crazy how fast it happened and in the middle of the day with eyes literally everywhere. I finished the day with a Ring doorbell in my cart.  Do you have one?  I can not recommend it enough. 

I hope your day is filled with magical moments! 💙

1 comment:

  1. Hey Paige -- Ring was invented by my old neighbor's nephew! I almost fell out of my chair when I saw him on Shark Tank -- he looks just like his uncle. Small world!



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