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Little This, Little That!

Happy Tuesday to you!  I hope it was a good start to the day and not one that we all normally feel after coming off of a great and long weekend.  If it was hard, guess what ... the week is a short one. I am here just to update you a little, tell you what is coming this week and let you know the status of some of the things I have on my plate.  So ... basically a mix of things for you today! 😉 

First up, this week is the kitchen and breakfast room and I am super excited to start here.  Truth be told I started a little already, but it is new to you so it is all fresh.  I am changing out one wall completely, and then changing a few things here and there ... so I am thrilled to share. If you need to refresh yourself on the plan, here is that blog post to refer to.  Also, I worked with a darling organizer on a project that I truly LOVE and I can not wait to share it with you this week.  All the before, after, and ideas behind it along with a great interview with her for some great organization how tos etc. 

I am pumped about all of that.

Next, the bed we got from Frontgate is here and glorious and I will be unpacking it and sharing it with  you this week as well.  I am working on our bedroom slowly so the total reveal won't be for a few weeks but the bed will get a full reveal, and I have a fun reel and video for you to check it out. If you are new to this update I ordered this bed and it was backordered a bit but, per usual, the Frontgate team is amazing to work with and it is here and I can't wait to get it upstairs.  Also, perfect week to pull a groin muscle so I am relying on my oldest to help me get it together.  💗

Also, I have some fun outings this week ... drinks + dinner and then we end the week with my parents coming and I have a huge list for my dad.  I am not even sorry ... I am hoping he will help me add casters to one piece, hang a door, replace some trim, and then just hang out.  They love to go to estate sales with me so we will also have that. 

All in all a good week, no?

I hope its a great day! 

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