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Our Favorite Serena & Lily Item

It may surprise you, and did me, when I was asked this question how quickly I responded with the answer ... our dog bed.  I guess I am a little surprised I didn't respond with one of the bar carts or even the pillows on the porch, which I also love and clearly use often.  But ... to the benefit of our sweet pup it's her beloved bed.  I think it is so cute and so useful and I promise you there is not one day that piece is not used.  If I am downstairs then Millie is as well ... and curled up in that sweet bed.  I just love walking in the room and seeing her snoozing. 🐶 

We chose the piece as a collaboration a few years ago and I knew immediately I wanted to try it.  I love the blue and white basket and I love that it goes so well with any room I wanted to move it to.  And I do move it.  If we are spending the day outside I move it to the porch so she can go back and forth.  If we are in the kitchen more, as we were this day I move it in there.  If not and it is just a regular day with me moving all around it sits in our den.  She can see me at my desk and unless I am in the dining room she can hear me moving around.  As long as she is near me and can see me she is happy as a clam snoozing in her beloved bed.  The second I go upstairs and stay there she stretches and is on the move. I love my sweet pup. 

She doesn't wear a sleep mask, even though we all think she is precious with it, but will tolerate it for a few for a photo.  I mean, anyone not vote for that cuteness?

We have taken off the cover and washed it and it washed so well.  I do not dry it but put it back on while it is still damp and just keep it from the basket until it is fully dried. 

The funny part about the bed is she did not love it for the first week or so we had it.  She would not go near it and then was not sure even when I placed her in it.  Somewhere about the second or third week she decided to test it out and would never get out if she wasn't food or car ride obsessed. I think she is just adorable in it. 

So yes ... the answer to the question is most definitely our dog bed.  Millie and I both give it five golden stars. 

Images by Angie Webb Photo


  1. Darlin’ pup and bed, but I want to know about that blue rug.

  2. Hi Paige. Are you going to post photos of finished bathroom on blog or just on IG. Love your updates.



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