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My New Sandals

A while back I asked a question on social media about which new Sarah Flint sandal I should order and then sorta left you hanging, how rude.  I completely forgot to share my new goodies when they arrived because I was so happy to have them.  I tore into that box and immediately started wearing them.  The best part about Sarah's leather is it is comfy from the first wear and only gets better from there.  These sandals, like all of her other shoes are so good. They are so well made, will last forever, and are so amazingly classic.  They literally look good on everyone.  I love them so ... 

When I asked the question I was deciding between this sandal and a solid blue Grear with white ties. It was a hard decision, but in the end I went with the blue Grear vs. the Odette with the silk tie.  I decided the pale blue Grear would get more use, but the decision was a tough one.  I loved both so much.  I was sure the blue would be better since I already have big feet and I feel like white makes them look even bigger. #sillybuttrue

I have packed my new sandals for our trip and will wear them with my sundresses at night and possibly on the plane if I decide taking them off and then putting them back on after security doesn't stress me out.  We shall see.  They are just so comfy. 

While you are on the site check out the new items, and most definitely the cute new hair accessories.  I love how feminine and girly they are with the darling bow. This headband is so good and so sweet and would be perfect at all times with all things.  And the bow, that needs no suggestion at all.  I just love it. It was so good it is already sold out.  #sadnessformoi

If you haven't tried Sarah Flint yet you can use my code SARAHFLINT-BAPAIGEM for $50 off your first pair.  If you took the plunge you know the comfort level and goodness I speak of, and if you are on the fence the coupon is a great way to start!  When that stunning blue box shows up ... I just swoon.

Have the best day ... 

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