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Biscuits ... on repeat order!

We all know I love Callie's biscuits.  I love taking friends and family to the shop in Virginia Highlands and I love serving them at home.  But ... did you know that you can subscribe and get them delivered to your house regularly?  I know ... so good and I am here to share with you how much of a blessing it has been for us when I was strapped for meals.  Having them in my freezer is the perfect answer when I am looking to make a quick and yummy meal for company, which we are all doing again. Hooray for company ... and biscuits on the ready

Butter-In-A-Box subscription service is new for Callie's Biscuits this year but it has been an instant success.  When you sign up you get a box every 90 days filled with biscuits, fixings, and goodies curated for each shipment.  The first month it came for us it was filled with four boxes of biscuits (cheese + chive, buttermilk, sharp cheddar and blueberry), Edwards country ham, Blackberry jam, and Banner bunner. I was thrilled.  We used that box to make breakfast for my parents twice ... I used the Cheese and Chive for a quick appetizer and served it with the jam and some smoked sausage ... and then took warm biscuits to a a friend when I needed a quick idea.  It was incredible ... and so easy to pull together meals, appetizers, and a gift when I needed to.  Each box is only $122.50 (currently on sale for $97.50) and clearly will feed you multiple times.  

The next box we get is also amazing ... and I can not wait to try the Cheese crisps.  Every single thing that Carrie makes is so good and these, undoubtably, will be as well.  I snagged two boxes of biscuits for our trip on Sunday and plan on making biscuit sandwiches to wrap in foil and eat on the way to the airport.  It will give them a warm meal and keep us from grabbing something in the airport which always disappoints me or the lines are way too long. I will hand them their wrapped breakfast when they sit down in the car most likely half awake. 😉

from Carrie's blog ... Hot Little Suppers

To give you some meal ideas, here are my suggestions. 

Iced Blueberry Biscuits - paired with cheesy scrambled eggs and fruit and served with or without the icing (or) as a base for shortcakes for dessert with ice cream, icing is a must

Cheddar Biscuits - paired with ham and berries for breakfast (or) ham and chips for lunch ... and want the yummiest tomato sandwich ever, use these.  Add a tiny bit of mayo, those summer tomatoes and some cracked pepper. 

Cheese + Chive Biscuits
- paired with sausage and jelly for appetizers (or) set out with pimento cheese and jelly for a quick lunch with a light green salad

Sharp Cheddar Biscuits - paired with ham or bacon, fruit bowls, and grits for brunch or a big meal (or) as the best base for a picnic lunch of ham or turkey, lettuce, and honey mustard with chips and a cold soda

Cinnamon Biscuits - served for breakfast or brunch with anything and most definitely as a dessert with fresh peaches and whipped cream

Buttermilk Biscuits - all of the above plus anything at all you can dream! How about the next time you make chicken pot pie you use biscuits as a topping instead of making it into a pie. Can you even?

See, you need these biscuits in your life!

You can subscribe here ... and this makes an incredible gift. 

Happy weekend to all ... 

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