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On My Radar

Happy Tuesday loves!  As you may have spotted on Instagram it was a weekend, and a hard one.  My parents brought our daughter home from a week at their house and while they were here my mother went for a walk on Sunday evening and was injured.  It was awful to wake up from a nap in the rain to hear she was in the road and bleeding and my post traumatic stress kicked in quickly.  When the ambulance and firefighters arrived they decided we both needed treatment, me just some space and breathing exercises, and her so much more.  She will be fine, praise Jesus, a cut on her head and a broken shoulder that should heal with no surgery ... but it was bad and awful and I am taking a few days to take care of me.  They left this morning to see her crew of doctors at home so I am tidying the house, taking lots of deep breaths and letting the emotions flow when they need to.  After many months of therapy after our hospital ordeal I have learned that I need to process my emotions and feelings when they happen and not let them build.  Self care is a real and vital portion of life and should never be ignored.  


Lucky for me I had planned most of my content for this week, so writing is easy and a welcome regular thing.  So ... some goodies here that have been on my radar lately.  Why are there so many good things out there right now.  I feel like so many are doing great things, the design is so good, the dresses aplenty and the shoes just darling.  Ugh ... I need to make wise choices. 😉

First up my new light switch covers from Reprotique.  When I was showing our foyer on Instagram the owner of Reprotique reached out and asked me to share the wall color with her.  She said I needed some new light switch plates and she was right. She mailed me two them a few weeks later and I am completely in love.  One is scalloped and one is not and I love them for different reasons.  I have not found them on her site, but I would reach out to her via direct message on Instagram to order.  Susan Sprinkle is lovely and so easy to work with and clearly creates such goodness. Aren't they the best?

The dresses for sale right now are killing me they are so good.  I love a great dress and I feel like there are so many on my try on wish list.  I just bought my first Nap Dress (spoiler alert, its magcial) and I have so many more I want to try.  It is almost ridiculous how pretty they all are.  It is definitely a time for a lot of very feminine dresses ... and I could not love it more.  I have a few I really want to try and then some I think will transition well into fall with a denim jacket ... see the justification there. I  bought this one a few weeks ago and it is just so good.  Pretty and a classic white dress that goes with everything from tennis shoes to wedges for dinner. You will love it for sure. I am telling you, it is most definitely a great time to love an amazing dress! I have added all of the ones I can link for you below, but also check out this list.  I am telling you, so many dresses!

The Boca Dress (any color, am I right?)
The Nap Dress (I am in love with both the white swiss dot + mermaid pattern)
The Caroline Nap Dress (blue botanical for sure)

Speaking of dresses, I spotted these shoes recently and I really think I like them.  We are headed to the beach on July 25 for a week and so I am craving all the woven and beachy feel I can check out.  I think they are darling and perfect for after sun rides for drinks and ice cream  I have not tried them on yet, but I may do it this week.  Can you handle the cuteness?? While hunting for the link for  you I see that Dilliards has them in pink ... umm soooo cute!

My friend Elsa has started a new series and I love it.  Every morning she shares her 7 am thoughts along with her morning routine and outfit for the day.  I love how they are all different and that she varies her routine based on how she feels when she wakes up.  Her mornings are full of self care and lots of grace and we all need to take note.  I am here for this series. 

I have been attending a needlepoint help class at my local needlepoint shop pretty regularly this summer.  I am truly loving it.  I find it so therapeutic and have learned to bead and two new stitches all while knocking out some great pieces. If you have a local needlepoint shop I highly recommend it.  If you are in Atlanta check out the Wednesday afternoon class at Nimble Needle.  Just don't take my spot pretty please! 

I took the plunge and purchased a Whitney English weekly planner.  I love following Whitney on Instagram and hearing her talk about life and planning and writing things down.  I am a writer and a list maker and I find I benefit a lot from both, so I decided to give her planner a try.  It should arrive any day and I think it will be good for me.  It begins on July 1 so I am just a little behind but I plan on jumping right in.  Typically I keep one calendar for our family and one for the blog, but I am going to try color coding and see if I can just keep one this year.  We shall see, but I do have a small backup one that I snagged from Target just in case it becomes too much for one space.  I bought the British Floral as I am having a very feminine and small print moment right now so it seemed perfect for me.  

I hope your week is already going well ... if not, I pray it turns around.  Much love to all of you!  

Those dresses for you ... 


  1. Those light switches are fab! Wish they came in a toggle variety (at least I think that's what they call the switches we have...)!

  2. Oh, and winging some extra good healing thoughts your mom's way (and yours) for a healthy recovery from her injuries (and your scare!)...



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