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Our New Powder Room

While it appears that my work in the kitchen has taken a small turn I thought it would be the perfect time to share the completed powder room and her new updated photos. While Angie was here shooting the collaboration between myself and Carrie I had her take some other images.  I just love getting photos back and seeing all of the hard work done and completed in Angie's amazing work. This room is one I always loved but also was ready to make a few small changes to allowing it some extra love.  

As usual it all started with the light fixture and then snowballed from there.  While shopping an estate sale I found the light in a box in a closet for $10.  I loved it immediately.  My intention from the moment I picked it up I knew it would go in this room.  I dropped it off at the light shop in town for a complete rewire and then sort of forgot about it during the winter months. They called to remind me it was there just about the time I began working on the rooms in our house.  At that time I had already purchased a round mirror (intending to resell) and tired of the art in the powder room. When I picked up the light, and the ones in the dining room, the plan quickly came together.

The wallpaper in this room I think was a perfect choice.  When I worked with The Blush Label years ago (they are no longer in business) I picked something that would fit in our house but was also very different than the other things we had.  I wanted something artistic and I think over time it has worked out perfectly. I like the blue and green mix and the paper allows me to trade out my art and have it still work well.  The new Slim Aaron pieces do so well on this paper. 

I am so pleased with all way this room turned out.  It is functional with the changes I made and has a lot of interest for our guests to enjoy while they are here.  I included a place to add fresh flowers, fresh handtowels, and an orchid to keep it feeling fresh.  Per usual I am praying over that orchid ... I have the worst luck with them. I was cleaning this space last week for my parents to come and really just loved it all.  The art, the new mirror, the new light, the new blind, I really love it all. 

And, of course, all the fun and cheeky touches! 😉

 Happy Wednesday to you!

Images by Angie Webb Photography

1 comment:

  1. It looks so good, Paige! Love how you mix and match colors, patterns and textures.



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