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Giving Back ...

Waking up this morning I think a lot of us are heavy from all the news in the past few weeks.  It is hard to process, hard to fathom it is real, and even harder to decide what to do. I know for me I have found that finding a great place to donate money or items to help others makes me feel so much better than just sitting at home staring at an unbelievable screen.  The news is hard to watch and it is literally everywhere on social media, so finding peace in the storm is also a challenge.  If you are feeling anything like me I hope today's post helps and gives you a resource for doing good in the hard.

With Haiti, which you know is close to my heart, you can donate money to the non profit that we partnered with for our mission trip.  410 Bridge does amazing things and truly believes that teaching others how to care for themselves is so beneficial.  They provide resources and relief when it is needed to support this country which is suffering so much.  I honestly feel like the people can not get a break.  They had a devastating earthquake and then quickly a hurricane.  It hurts my heart.  The coastal town of Figuier, where we visited, lost all of the homes on the beach.  I think about all of those people standing in front of their homes waving as they left and now realizing they don't have that.  My heart hurts for them.  What I love about 410 Bridge is the way they Give Different.  Recently they delivered hundreds of avocado trees to one village.  In just three years those trees will produce fruit which they can eat and sell to provide for their families.  Obviously now is the time for relief efforts and I think they do it well and you will know your money is going to a community directly in need. 

Afghanistan, every single time I think about this situation I find myself in tears. There are a number of places that I have found that is getting funds to people directly in need of them.  If you haven't listened to this podcast it is amazing.  Just listening to Pastor X talk about the people he serves was incredible. Their dedication and their faith is unreal.  At the end they share a great resource for getting funds directly to the people who need it.  To send supplies to the refugees you can send amazon boxes to the Chaplain at Al Udeid.  This information comes directly from my darling friend Emily who's husband had more than one tour in Afghanistan. 

Chaplain at Al Udeid
379 AEW/HC Unit 61201
APO, AE 09309-1201

Her list of suggestions ... 
travel size toothbrushes
travel size toothpaste
kid size snacks (no meat or beef jerky products allowed)
Small teddy bear type toys for children

Also we are finding a number of refugees in our country who need supplies, clothes, funds, and meals.  I would google and see if anyone in your area is in need.  With just a little effort I found a few great places here in Atlanta I could help out. The biggest issue I see is that the effort needs to be long term, not just immediate, as the people will continue to come.  So check back regularly to see what your community needs.  We can all give of our time if nothing else. 

Our troops.  We can not forget the people serving on behalf of us. Again, I am sharing my friend Emily's information.  I believe in listening to the people who understand the area and have direct knowledge of how to help. She gave out the address and a list of items to help our troops in the area which I will add here.  I was able to send a few boxes overseas with just a little bit of time from me.  I hope it brings joy and shows them how very grateful I am for their service. 

C-17 Commander at Al Udeid
816 EAS
Unit 61236
APO, AE 09309-1236

Her list ... which can all be ordered on Amazon!

Caffeine - coffee etc
Snacks (beef jerky is allowed) - think of easy portable snacks

I know the news is paralyzing, but hopefully doing something will help.  I found this quote, by Mr. Rogers that really resonated with me that I will share.  I adore you all, please keep your own mental health as safe as you can during these hard times. 💗

We live in a world where we need to share responsibility. It's easy to say it's not my child, not my community, not my world, not my problem. Then there are those who see the need and respond. I consider those people my heroes.

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