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Needlepoint Finishing

Last Tuesday I took my stash of finished needlepoint projects, well most of them, and coordinating fabric I had chosen for the backs to my local shop to be sent off for finishing.  Most of the items were ornaments and I also requested two door hangers and one coaster.  It was a huge pile and when it returns it will cost me some dollars.  I am sad I waited to have something finished, I think the excitement of working on the project is definitely in the rush to have it finished to be able to enjoy it.  I had this pile of ornaments for over a year and I just kept adding to it and now I will have a pretty stash when they return and also be paying a pretty penny, but it is all worth it for the work involved.  I am counting down the days until my work will return, and that may be a bit with the back up. 

I honestly don't know why I waited so long.  I think I was a little intimidated by the options for finishing.  Most of the items I bought I stitched knowing they would be ornaments, but others I wasn't sure.  I am working on a piece now that will be darling as a door hanger on our coat closet and another I just bought to be stitched and then slipped inside an acrylic tray.  The options are truly limitless as are the resources for finishing.  I used my local shop, Nimble Needle, who has places that they trust to finish and I let them tell me who was the best option to do each project.  I think they broke it up into three different locations, but I will know more when they come back.  Some will have ruffles, some just cording and bows, and all of them have fun fabric on the back all from my stash.  

Can you tell I am excited?

I found this great guide to Needlepoint Finishing I thought I would share.  I like how detailed it is, how well it is broken down, and the great ideas included.  And the photos, all of the items are so pretty. I have five more pieces at the house to have finished and I think I will do a pillow, frame two, and the last two are a sunglasses case + a sleep mask.  I do really love the creative side of both the stitching and the finishing.  

So ... tell me, have you finished anything?  I have some great Instagram accounts I look to for great finishing ideas and inspiration on colors and stitches.  If you would also love some incredible inspiration check out Rudy the Prep, Nan Phillip, Melissa Smrekar, Millennial Needlepointer, Nicole Letts, and most definitely any of the needlepoint shops. 

I will let you know the second my come back and what I decide to do with the five I still have at home.  I have been scouring so much inspiration ... and can't wait to get them done!

Happy Wednesday ... 

Photo credits ... Images 1,3 and 5 Nicole Letts
Images 2,4 Morgan Julia Designs

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